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An online charity step challenge allows you to engage with your audience all over the country, or even the world! Open up your fundraising potential to a world wide audience of happy walkers

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Achieve a high return on investment with your fundraiser

At Big Team Challenge we understand that a good return on investment is key to any fundraising event, which is why we not only offer competitive rates, but an added discount for registered charities.

Running your own step challenge fundraiser is a low cost option that has yielded some incredible returns for our customers.

Learn more about how some of our customers reached as high as 42 to 1 on their return.

Return of
42 to 1

Orkney Islands Council

During Orkney's 2022 fundraiser event, they chose to run an open step challenge for the people of Orkney, with the hope of raising funding for Cancer Research UK.
With a staggering £42 return on every £1 spent it was an unrivalled success!

Return of
25 to 1

LGBT Youth Scotland

LGBT Scotland ran their Purple Friday ‘Pass The Torch Relay’ campaign in February of 2022 and raised a whopping £25,000+. This meant a return of £25 for every £1 spent.

Return of
16 to 1

University of York

University of York saw an incredible return of £16 for every £1 spent on their charity step challenge. With more than 500 users taking part in the challenge they were able to raise over £35,000 in donations for their cause.

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Fundraise with JustGiving™

We've teamed up with JustGiving to help make fundraising even easier with Big Team Challenge.

You can now connect your challenge directly to your JustGiving fundraiser, allowing your users and the general public to donate to your cause.

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Successful charity step challenge fundraisers

Big Team Challenge is built to help get your users active, while also providing an excellent tool for engaging with your audience.

University of York and Aid for Education were two charities that did just that and created a wonderful step challenge experience for their fundraisers. Watch the video above to learn how they kept their fundraising costs low and managed a return on investment of up to £25 for every £1 spent.

Let us help get your fundraiser off to a kickstart with a charity step challenge.

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University Of York's extraordinary £35,000 fundraising success

In 2021, the University of York organised a virtual Great York Walk to support the Mentally Fit York fund and raise money to promote good mental health among the city’s communities and beyond.

With an incredible £35,675 raised, this makes one our greatest success stories to date, with an incredible 16 to 1 return on investment for the university!

Fundraising with a walking challenge

Fundraising is a key aspect for every charity, and without community engagement it can be an uphill struggle. This is where Big Team Challenge is in its element; our challenge apps are built to be as flexible as possible to allow you to customise your walking challenge exactly as you need it.

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Create your own Walking Challenge

  • Your own personal website, eg.
  • Upload your own branding
  • Access to both the website and mobile apps
  • Add a personalised message to the registration screen, informing your participants of your goal and how to donate.

Customising your team challenge

  • Choose from over 300 pre-made step challenge routes
  • Decide what activities the participants can do (walking, running, swimming and cycling)
  • Set the maximum number of participants (optional)
  • Lock your registration with a passcode if you want to ask for a donation in order to join (optional)
An image of a challenge's progress on a map
3 reports detailing statistics on distances and participants

Built-in Communication to keep participants engaged and push donations

  • Email all of your participants from our admin system - so there's no need to keep exporting emails
  • Send push notifications to app users with your updates
  • Custom reporting can be requested, just let us know what you need

Try our demo

Sometimes it's just better to see things with your own eyes! That's why we've created a little demo challenge for customers to try.

It replicates a step challenge already in progress, so you'll be engaging in the same way your own participants will be when you launch yours.

Click the button below for login information.

Raising money with Big Team Challenge

Every charity is different and at Big Team Challenge we understand that you know the best way to engage with your audience. For this reason we have made Big Team Challenge as flexible as we can, allowing each charity to use it in whatever way works best for them.

Here are a few ways in which charities have fundraised through us.

Option 1

Charging an upfront fee to create a team

Using the passcode feature on the registration, some charities have chosen to lock this until a user has donated a certain amount to cover the cost of a team.

This is great to use in conjunction with a donation service such as JustGiving.

Option 2

Linking to a fundraising page on the registration screen

You can add images, text and–most importantly–links to your Big Team Challenge landing page!

This means you can simply place a link to your chosen fundraising portal and encourage everyone to donate to this when they can.

Option 3

Use the built in communication to encourage fundraising

Allow everyone and anyone to join the challenge, encouraging users to spread the word.*

Once they are on the system, use Big Team Challenge's built-in communication tools, or export users' emails and send out an info pack on how to fundraise.

*you can set a maximum limit if you don't want them going overboard!

Of course, there's no reason why you couldn't do all three!

Create a custom route to show off your organisation's journey through the years

Perhaps you want to show the work you've done as a charity, or explore the areas of the world you've had a positive affect on. Well, worry not. Get in touch to get a quote for building a custom route with your charity’s milestones.

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Get in touch to find out how we can make it work best for you

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Substantial Return on Investment

On average, running a challenge costs our customers only £2.83 per participant (based on challenges run in 2019).

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Charity Success Stories

Read some of the feedback from our charity customer's and learn about their experiences running their own Big Team Challenge. We're certain you'll find inspiration from their success stories and want to run your own charity walking challenge.

Devon Air Ambulance Trust
Devon Air Ambulance Trust

59 Participants
18 Million
Steps Walked

LGBT Youth Scotland
LGBT Youth Scotland

195 Participants
8 Million
Steps Walked

"The engagement we had was huge..."

Dogs Trust
Dogs Trust

424 Participants
233 Million
Steps Walked

"It was a great team building and wellbeing exercise"

Some of the features you can expect with your challenge

We're constantly upgrading our system and adding new features to our step challenge system. To learn more visit our features page

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