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Built-in Communication

Send regular updates to participants via email and push notifications from your private admin area.

Keep your users updated

One of the most important aspects of running any of our exercise challenges is keeping your audience engaged. Big Team Challenge tries to automate this as much as possible by using interesting milestones in our routes, with beautifully chosen photography and interesting facts about the place your participants are visiting (even if it is only virtually!). We also like to encourage users by giving out achievements when they reach key goals such as "walk 100 miles" or "use the system for 5 days in a row".

However, when it comes down to true engagement, nothing beats simply staying in touch with your users and giving them some encouragement.

Posting updates in the system

From your admin area you are able to access a feature called "updates". This system allows you to construct challenge updates to post out to your participants. Our content editor allows you to add text, links and images to your updates. You can also choose whether it sends the message internally in the challenge (the users all have their own little inbox within the system) or you can choose to send it directly to their email address or via push notification. Or all three if you really want!

You can see how to send out updates here.

Increase engagement

Posting regular updates, as often as twice a week, has shown to keep users interested in the challenge and helped build connections between employers and their workforce.

Send within the system

Send message updates via the internal messaging system.

Send externally to email address

Optionally send the updates directly to users' email addresses.

Related FAQs

Can we send news and updates to participants during our challenge?

Yes. Big Team Challenge includes an ‘updates’ feature which enables the administrators of the challenge to send out messages to all participants via the website, mobile apps and via email, keeping them informed of the general progress and any other issues they may want to raise. 

The challenge administrators can choose to also send out push notifications to app users to further highlight the updates, with these messages being viewable from within the app. If you prefer to use your own email communication system, your Big Team Challenge admin website includes the option to export users to a csv file, including each user’s registered email address for importing into your third party systems.

Can I designate someone to be a challenge administrator?


To give someone admin access they need to have registered to take part in the challenge.

To give any registered user challenge admin access:

  1. Log in to your admin website
  2. Click on Users on the sidebar navigation
  3. Search for the user by name / email (field to top right of table)
  4. Click on "Edit" beside the user
  5. Tick "User can access admin area" on the next page and then click Update User.
  6. The user can then login via with full permissions.


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