Get your employees motivated, moving and happy with a corporate step challenge

Recharge your employees with a workplace step challenge and help boost not only their motivation, but their mental health too. A simple and cost effective way to start your wellbeing program.

Getting Started

How does my step challenge work?

When you sign up for your own Big Team Challenge account, setting up your first challenge only takes 5 minutes and our simple-to-use challenge wizard does all the hard work for you!

Your participants can then sign up to your step challenge via your newly created sign up page, track their real world activity using their smart phone or fitness tracker, and move themselves and their team mates along one of our 290+ virtual maps you've chosen for the challenge.

You are in complete control of your step competition and can customise it just how you need it. It's a great way to motivate your workforce, increase productivity and boost mental wellbeing.

A view of the Big Team Challenge app on the web version and on iPhone and Android smartphones

Customisable Leaderboards

Enabling different leaderboards in your challenge can help engage your participants by creating a more varied and even playing field for those wanting to compete or simply compare their progress in the step challenge.

When you set up your challenge you can choose to enable one leaderboard or all three, it's entirely up to you and what works best for your workplace challenge.

Teams: Total Distance
A list of all of your teams as well as their total distances.

Teams: Average Distance
This also displays all of your teams, but this time displays their average total based on the number of people on their team.
So a team of 3 can compete evenly against a team of 10.

Individuals: Total Distance
Instead of displaying all of the teams, this leaderboard shows all of the individual users from every team

Step challenge app screens showing our virtual route functionality
International Team Building

Use our step challenge app to create a truly global corporate challenge

Our apps and website allow users to connect to the challenge from all over the world and compete against their colleagues.

Use your step competition to bring your offices, warehouses, logistic and management departments together, and engage in some friendly competitive team building and all while getting healthy!

Available on iPhone, Android and online.

App and website functionality might be restricted in China. Contact us for more information if your participants are based in China
What comes included

Corporate Challenge Features

Big Team Challenge has been designed to be interactive and fun for both you and your employees. Our systems are fully digital, so there's no boring paperwork needing done or any complex mathematics to tally up all those step counts!

If you would like more information on what's available to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Big Team Challenge on web and on smart phone apps
Register users online and get instant access to your step challengeUsers get their own personal step challenge profile and dashboardTeams can view their progress and team mates step count. Your own admin area the challenge overview

Worldwide sign up for international teams

You will be given your own private registration page for your users to sign up from all around the world.

Free website and apps access

Users can track their progress online or via our iPhone and Android apps.

290+ virtual routes to choose from

Choose one of our 290+ virtual routes to have your teams race across.

Private admin area with challenge statistics

create, manage and track your step challenge progress via your own online admin area.

Free user support

We're here to help set up your challenge and to answer all of your participants technical questions.

An affordable and effective wellbeing challenge

A daily activity challenge can be a great start to a wellbeing initiative for your employees. With its low costs, ease of use, and a high return on investment, a step challenge is a great way to get your workforce engaged and motivated.

A group of users doing alternative exercise, such as static bikes, aerobics and gardening.

Most employees think that their employer should play a role in improving worker health and fewer than half think that their current work environment allows them to maintain good health (1). A virtual activity challenge within your organisation is a great way to tackle both of these issues.

A recent study of hotel workers who were monitoring their step count showed
"positive changes in employee engagement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment”(2).
Fostering a corporate mentality that places focus on employee physical and mental wellbeing has shown to help lower BMI and cholesterol and reduce stress, fatigue and injury within the workforce (3).

Try Our Demo

Sometimes it's just better to see things with your own eyes! That's why we've created a little demo challenge for customers to try.

It replicates a challenge already in progress, so you'll be engaging in the same way your own participants will be when you launch yours.

Click the button below for login information.

How do people take part in the challenge?

After all, this only works if your employees are truly motivated by the company step challenge and can easily engage with it. We've spent 5 years developing this system so it works as seamlessly as possible.

After you initially tell your staff about the team challenge and where to sign up, you can sit back and watch the rest unfold.

1. Easy Sign Up

Using the app, or your newly-set up challenge website, participants can sign up using only their email, name and whatever password they choose.

2. Creating Teams

Once they are on the system, your employees can create teams and invite other users to join.

3. Logging Activity

Once in a team, users can log their activity via the website and apps or they can sync their smart devices such as Fitbit and Google Fit and Apple Health.

That's it, that's all that's required of them. Three simple steps and they can be up and moving in a few minutes!
A cyclist
Want to test out our walking challenge?

You can visit our demo challenge via the web or using our Challenge App for iPhone and Android.

step challenge website address:

Password: password

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Business Customer Reviews

We've been hard at work since 2015, serving over 88,000 challenge participants. Here's what some of the organisers had to say about their own company challenges.


9000+ Participants

3.8 Billion steps

The challenge was a huge success with over 7,000 active participants


"definitely recommend it"


40 Participants
12 Million
Steps Walked

An Average of £2.83 Per Participant

On average it costs our business customers £2.83 per participant (based on challenges run in 2019). And that's before they've factored in the savings it's made to health benefits, reduced employee sick cover, and productivity.

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More Challenge Features

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