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Big Team Challenge has helped us grow and up our game for ‘Purple Friday’ our annual fundraising day in the midst of the pandemic.

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Every year on the last Friday of February we celebrate Purple Friday – a day to stand against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and to show support for LGBTI young people. Pre-pandemic supporters would do a range of different activities from bake sales, dress purple days in schools, sponsored runs to simply donating on the day. When we found ourselves in the midst of the restriction that Covid-19 brought with it, Big Team Challenge offered an opportunity to adapt our ask and run a virtual event right across Scotland with ease.

We invited supporters to take part in the Purple Friday ‘Pass The Torch Relay’. The ask was simple: complete a minimum of 5k and raise £50 on the day. We set the target to collectively make it once round the entire outline of Scotland in just one day to raise £20,000 for our vital youth work services. The engagement we had was huge: We managed to make it round Scotland not once but twice! Over 8 million steps were logged and a total of £16,000 was raised on the day and donations are still coming in.

Thanks to Big Team Challenge for providing a fantastic platform for a fun and engaging virtual challenge. Signing up was easy and fast and the support we received along the way was brilliant.

Doro Weber, Fundraising & Communications Manager, LGBT Youth Scotland

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