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Sync Your Steps

Step challenge users can sync their steps from Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, Google Fit and more.

Step Count Syncing

Our apps and website allow your users to connect their Fitbit, Garmin, iPhone, or Android Phone up to the system so that we can automatically pull in their step counts. This is great for users who are busy and might not always remember to log in each day and update their step totals. Now they can simply connect to a device in the settings and let Big Team Challenge take care of the rest!

You can read more about syncing steps here.

Sync with Fitbit

Automatically count your steps with your Fitbit wearable.

Sync with Garmin Connect

Use your Garmin watch to track your step count.

Connect with iPhone (Apple Health)

Use your phone's built-in pedometer to count your steps.

Connect with Android (Google Fit)

Sync your steps from Google Fit.

Related FAQs

Can I connect my Apple Watch?

Yes you can.

Please install the Big Team Challenge iPhone app first, then install the Apple Watch app. The Apple Watch app shows your step count for today along with your team’s total step counts. Please note: the watch will not automatically sync your steps to the challenge - you'll need to sync via the iPhone app.

Can I connect my Garmin device?

Yes, you can connect your Garmin device to Big Team Challenge to automatically track your steps. You can read more about the integration here:

You can watch our video tutorial here:

Can our participants sync their activity trackers with Big Team Challenge ?

Big Team Challenge comes complete with native mobile apps for iOS and Android, including push notifications on events and GPS tracking of activity. 

Participants can also sync their step counts from the built-in iPhone pedometer, Google Health Connect for Android and Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin.

How does Fitbit syncing work?

Your Fitbit device does not sync directly with Big Team Challenge. Instead, your activity is first synced to Fitbit then sent to Big Team Challenge. The process is as follows:

  1. Your activity is tracked by your physical Fitbit device.
  2. You sync your Fitbit device to Fitbit either via your phone's bluetooth connection or by connecting your Fitbit device to your computer.
  3. Fitbit sends Big Team Challenge a notification about your new activity.
  4. Big Team Challenge processes this activity and updates your step count accordingly.

You can watch out video tutorial here:

When can I add steps?

You can add or sync your steps (or miles or kilometers) whenever and as often as you like during the challenge. If you miss a day or two you can specify the date(s) on which they were walked when you manually add your distance(s).


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