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Custom Registration Questions

Capture extra information from your registrants, such as payroll number or branch location.

Customising your challenge's registration fields

As standard we ask all of our challenge participants to sign up with an email address and password. However, as an organisation you may have more specific information you need to capture from your users.

What options can I add?

We are able to add as many text input fields and drop down option boxes as you would like, so there's no real limit on what you can ask.

Can I use this for data reporting?

Yes, all data entered by your participants will be presented in a downloadable spreadsheet, available from your admin area.

Text Input Fields

Capture information such as Payroll Number, Location or their Requirements.

Drop Down Options

Get pre-defined answers for things such as Location, Department, or Yes or No options.

Related FAQs

How can we make sure that people outside of our target audience don’t register to take part?

Users self-register on your unique website or using our Big Team Challenge mobile apps (iOS and Android). To limit access and registration, we can, if you wish, set up an optional private access code can be required. For instance, users might enter a 4 digit passcode when registering, or you might allow anyone to register if they know your challenge web address.

You can also completely close registration and manually invite participants yourself via your own private admin area.

I would like to collect information about those taking part in our challenge.

For larger challenges we can incorporate an element of customisation into the registration fields. When registering on the website or apps, participants are only required to provide the minimum information - name, email and login password. If you have other information that you need to capture and link to an account, we can set up those optional fields manually for you in advance of people starting to register to take part.


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