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Improved activity conversion in our step challenges

Making it easier to track your daily activities

While something as simple as walking can have huge benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing, it's not the only option for people wanting to stay active. It's not even the easiest!

We've now built our activity conversion chart right into our apps and website, allowing users to convert over 100 activities, such as Yoga, Gardenning, Basketball, Cycling and Aerobics into a comparible step count.

three screenshots of our app show how the conversion feature works in 3 simple steps

Greater levels of participation

Creating a walking or running challenge is simple, easy, and to the point. You can create it and ask all of your participants to get up, move about during lunch, and track those steps along a virtual map. It's a fun and intuitive way to get people motivated, but what about those who have a lower activity level or mobility issues? The message of getting up and moving about might be daunting to them or physically unachieveable.

This is where we saw the benefits of the conversion chart and why we chose to develop this new feature. Not only does it open up a world of other activities to every user, but it brings the opportunity for those in wheelchairs, walking aids, or with mobility issues to do other activities and participate with the rest of their team.

So why not encourage some gardening at the weekends, some yoga at lunch, or some swimming in the morning?

Read our full help article here to learn exactly how the activity conversion feature works.

New Year and a new a virtual step challenge

Getting healthy and motivated in 2024

2024 has begun and what better time to think about chnaging your daily habits for the rest of the year.

January can be a daunting period of time for everyone; with thoughts about jobs, family, healthy living, and how to shake off the winter blues occupying a lot of our brain power. A great way to help all of your employees find their focus and get motivated for the year ahead is to run an inclusive health and wellbeing initiative such as a corporate step challenge.

The benefits of a winter step challenge

The darker nights and the colder days can be a real turn-off for a lot of people during the long winter months, which is why engaging in group activities can be a real benefit to your workforce. Encouraging a little firendly competition with team and individual leaderboards, activity-based achievements, and virtual maps can be a great way to motivate your employees to get moving when they otherwise might not. Team challenges are not only a great way to help get everyone active and moving, but can be a fantastic team building opportunity too, with users encouraging each other and building up lines of communication that might not have existed before.

Creating your own step challenge

Creating your very own step challenge takes only a couple of minutes using our Set Up Wizard. Simply sign up for a free admin account at and begin using our challenge creator to customise your challenge to your needs, find a virtual route that suits you, and publish whenever you are ready. You'll only ever be asked to pay when you are ready to launch your challenge, so play around and explore the options that we've built into our system.

Looking to chat with someone?

We underdstand that it can be a little daunting to run a step challenge for the first time, which is why we offer a free call to go over the systems features and discuss your ideas. Drop us a mnessage today to book your call and learn more about our step challenge software.

Samsung Health

the logo for Samsung Health to show that Big Team Challenge now connects with the service

We now connect with Samsung Health

With the release of our latest app update we now connect with Samsung Health and many more devices and services than ever before.

How to connect Samsung Health to the step challenge

Connecting Health Connect on Android to Big Team Challenge allows you to sync your steps from the following platforms:

  • Google Fit
  • Samsung Health
  • MyFitnessPal
  • And others as more providers join the Health Connect platform

Connecting Samsung Health or Google Fit to Big Team Challenge is a two-stage process:

  1. Connect Samsung Health/Google Fit to Health Connect
  2. Connect Health Connect to Big Team Challenge

Step One

Download Health Connect from Google Play here.

Open the Health Connect app and tap Get Started.

Select App permissions. You should see Samsung Health or Fit. If not, tap "Can't see all your apps?" at the bottom of the list, then "See all compatible apps" on the next screen. You should be able to select Samsung Health or Google Fit.

Health Connect permissions

Now, select Samsung Health or Fit from the list (as per the screenshot above).

On the next screen, tap "Allow all" or select at least "Steps". You are finished connecting Samsung Health/Google Fit to Health Connect. Move on to Step Two.

Health Connect permissions

Steps Two

Now you need to connect Big Team Challenge to Health Connection.

Open the Big Team Challenge app and go to Sync Device in the menu.

Sync devices

You should see "Health Connect" at the top of the list, Tap on "Connect", and then "Connect" again on the popup that appears.

Finally, you need to give Big Team Challenge permission to access Health Connect. Enable "Allow all" at the top of the list, then "Allow" at the bottom.

You should now be connected to Health Connect.

Connected successfully

If you run into any errors, please take a note/screenshot of the message and contact our support team for more assistance.

Big Team Challenge Vs. Movespring

Big Team Challenge as an alternative to Movespring

Movespring is a great platform aimed at providing activity challenges for large corporate brands. As a consequence it comes with a hefty price tag, with options starting at $2000 for 100 users, and even more if you want some fairly standard options included such as your branding incoroprated.
At Big Team Challenge we understand that sometimes you just want to run a simple and fun step challenge to engage your colleagues and friends. That's why our system can have your challenge up and running in a matter of minutes and our costs are much lower.

Running a step challenge with Big Team Challenge is easy, fun and comes with a whole host of included features:

  • Your company logo in the challenge website and app
  • Free iPhone and Android apps for your users to enjoy
  • Syncing with Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Creat teams, invite colleagues and compete on leaderboards
  • Advanced team segments for locations, departments and other criteria.
  • Earn achievements

Learn how we differ from Movespring

Team Building Apps

Engaging with your workforce while driving your teams to be both healthy and motivated is a tough line to tow.

Online Team Building

More and more human relation departments are looking towards the digital world to help solve their problems. Online games such as Game Night for the apple TV are a great way for small groups to get together and participate in some friendly competition with an easy to use interface.

However when it comes to getting staff active and moving in the real world you need to look at different solutions.

Other Team Building Solutions

World Walking

World walking is an online system that allows single users and small groups to get together online, transfer their real world activity into digital steps, and move themselves and their group along a virtual map. This is an ideal option if you have 1 to 10 people that you want to help you walk along a virtual map without the competitive edge.

Find here

Big Team Challenge

Our step challenge app is a perfect solution to helping larger groups from 25 to 25,000+, with no limits on the system and a variety of different virtual routes to suit any challenge. Users can create and join teams, see the other competing teams on the leaderboard, earn achievements and share their progress online.

Online step challenges are a fantastic way to engage with your company teams all around the world and help to build upon their team working skills while helping them stay active and motivated while at work.

Why not get in touch and speak with a real person, we'd be more than happy to run through the system with you and tailor a challenge to your exact needs.