A user unlocking the challenge with a passcode

Passcode Locking

Choose to lock your challenge so that only users with a passcode can register.

Keeping your step count challenge private

A lot of our customers prefer to know that no one is entering their challenge who should not be there. This is why we introduced 'Challenge Locking' using a passcode.

This means that when your users are trying to sign up on your challenge registration screen, they will be required to enter a passcode that you have set. This can something as simple as a 4 digit number or something more complex such as a random bunch of letters, numbers and special characters.

You can find out how to set this up here.

Close Registrations

At any time during your challenge, you have the ability to close registrations. This allows you to maintain control over the challenge and restrict yourself from going over your budget.

Set A Passcode

Require a passcode to be entered before users can register.

Close Registrations

Close registrations at any time from your admin control area.

Related FAQs

How can we make sure that people outside of our target audience don’t register to take part?

Users self-register on your unique website or using our Big Team Challenge mobile apps (iOS and Android). To limit access and registration, we can, if you wish, set up an optional private access code can be required. For instance, users might enter a 4 digit passcode when registering, or you might allow anyone to register if they know your challenge web address.

You can also completely close registration and manually invite participants yourself via your own private admin area.

Can people sign-up to take part in our Big Team Challenge before the challenge begins?

Yes. Our system is designed to allow users to easily register and create or join teams before the challenge start date.

We recommend your challenge website goes live 2-4 weeks or so before the challenge starts to allow you time to promote it and give people time to register to take part and create and join teams in advance so they can begin to add their distances as soon as the challenge begins.

We are here and happy to advise and help you through the set-up process.


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