Creating a custom fundraiser for your global step challenge

When creating your challenge you will have the option to enable fundraising and create a page on the website and apps to display your goals.

A walking challenge fundraiser can be a great way to not only benefit the health of your participants, but to give back to your community and causes close to your heart.

You will be able to:
Set a goal
Manually update your progress
Link to your donation page and other resources
What your users will see

A dedicated page on your challenge website and app

When enabled, your fundraiser will appear as its own dedicated page on your challenge website and within the app too.

Users will be able to see your challenge totals, the goal you are hoping to reach, information about the fundraiser and any links that may be useful, including ones to donate directly.

Additional features

Customise your fundraiser

To make sure our system is as flexible as possible, you are in fully control of the information displayed to your participants.

You can also add in extra links if required, such as a download to your fundraising pack or a link to donate directly via an online fundraising platform.

A smart phone shows the Step Challenge fundraiser page. A just giving logo is in the background.
New integration!

Fundraise with JustGiving™

We've teamed up with JustGiving to help make fundraising even easier with Big Team Challenge.

You can now connect your step challenge directly up to your JustGiving fundraiser, allowing your users and the general public to donate to your cause.

Chat to use about your fundriaser

Sometimes it's just a little easier to have a human talk you through pricing and all the ways you can customise your own step challenge.

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