Reducing our impact on the climate with every step

Over the next 5 years we're looking at a variety of solutions to try and reduce our carbon footprint; from using green energy in our servers, to planting new trees around the world.

Right now we're working with Ecologi to plant 1 tree for every 10 active participants that join any of our customers' step challenges.


Planted for every 10 active participants that sign up to your challenge


Trees planted so far


On average planted for every challenge
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Learn more about our green initiative with Ecologi
Some walkers in a forest
A group of users doing alternative exercise, such as static bikes, aerobics and gardening.
Getting greener

Making a positive change to health and environment

At Big Team Challenge our aim has always been to try and highlight the importance of being active in daily life. However we're taking that message further and promoting the positive effects that being more physically active can have on the environment.

Stepping up to the challenge

Getting a breath of fresh air

Walking and cycling are not only some of the easiest and most accessible ways to get healthy, but they can make a huge difference on the environment by replacing traditional forms of transport.

Encouraging users to be more physically active rather than relying on cars, busses and trains can greatly help reduce air pollution in our built-up areas.

Two future Big Team Challenge users stroll and ride a bike through some woods while participating in a step count challenge.
a man waving from his car
Ditching the car

Making the most of public transport

For some, having a car is a necessity, but for others is simply a convenience; being able to go from your own front door straight to the office parking lot.

With our step challenges, we're trying to break this habit and encourage our users to rack up as many steps as they can; whether that's walking the full distance, or simply walking to and from bus or train stops along their journey.

Learn more about the benefits of public transport

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Create your own challenge today and get your friend, family and colleagues active and engaged in fun daily exercises.

Daily exercise is not only great for your health and mental wellbeing, but can be a fantastic kickstart for workplace motivation.

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