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Challenge Customisation

Choose how long your step count challenge lasts, what route you walk and who can take part.

Your private, customised step count challenge.

Rather than building a system with rigid pre-made challenges, we like to offer our customers as much freedom as possible, including allowing them to customise both the duration and the route they walk!

Customisable options

• Choose between two different challenge types: 'One Big Challenge' or 'Teams Vs Teams'
• Choose how long your challenge lasts for; any duration up to 12 weeks.
• Set a limit on how many participants can join to make sure you stay within budget.
• Choose from over 250 routes in our library.
• Order a custom route to be built (additional fees apply, contact us for more information).
• Custom registration forms to capture additional user info.
• Add additional activities such as "cycling" and "swimming", or link our activity conversion chart.

Free support to get you started

We offer a lot of choice and flexibility with our challenges to allow you to make the best possible step count challenge for your participants. But sometimes you just need a little help along the way and someone to help you understand things a little more clearly. This is why we offer free email and chat support to all of our customers. Simply open up the chat box in your admin area, ask anything you're unsure about and we'll be happy to help you. Our support team is active Monday - Friday, 9 - 5.30 UK time.

Choose Your Route

Use our library of over 185 routes, or get a quote for a custom route!

Choose Your Duration

Set your challenge between 4 and 12 weeks.

Choose Participant Limits

Set a cap on participants to avoid over spend.

Choose Activities

Add custom activities such as "Cycling" or "Swimming".

Related FAQs

Can we create our own virtual route for our challenge?

We offer a wide selection of virtual routes out of the box which have been created to suit challenges of varying lengths and teams of varying sizes.

If you'd like to suggest a different route for your challenge please contact us and we can provide more information on what's possible.

Can I choose when our challenge will start and how long it will last?

Yes. Big Team Challenge allows you to customise your challenge to your needs. Enjoy complete control of every aspect of the challenge, from choosing when your challenge should begin, how long it should last, team size, and virtual route that suits your participants to uploading your branding on the website and mobile apps and the ability to send push notifications and emails to all participants.


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