Looking to get your staff or community group more active?

Organisations who have used Big Team Challenge have seen productivity in their participants increase and sick days decrease.

What is an online exercise challenge?

A virtual activity tracker like Big Team Challenge allows you to create your own private activity challenge for you and your employees or community group to participate in and track their physical activity over a number of weeks.

How does it work?

1. You sign up and create your challenge

Here you can set how long the challenge runs for, how many participants you will allow to join, maximum team sizes, and even what route all the teams will be trying to complete.

2. Users join, invite others, and set up teams

Registration is simple, and users can use either the website or our iPhone and Android apps. Once a user has created their own team, they can invite others to join it.

3. Everyone gets moving!

Once the challenge has started users can input their daily activity manually, use smart devices like Fitbit or enable their smart phone's built-in pedometer.

Which version is best for me?

For Businesses

A workplace challenge is a great way to motivate staff and reduce health related costs

For Charities

Big Team Challenge is an ideal opportunity to fundraise and engage with your audience

For Public Sector

Exercise challenges are a fun way to boost your staff activity or engage with a community group

But why should I run one?

Increased Happiness

Increased physical activity can have a positive effect on an individual's mental health.

Audience Engagement

Creating a productive relationship with your employees or community can be a great way of boosting morale and building important connections.

Higher Motivation

Maintaining a regular level of moderate exercise can help increase productivity and focus, while lowering stress.

Valuable Data

We can help provide valuable data from your users to see how their levels of participation have changed over the course of the challenge.

Designed For Everyone

Big Team Challenge is designed to be used by everyone in your team, regardless of physical ability, age, geography or computer literacy.

Return On Investment

Putting time and effort into improving your employees' lives will have a positive impact on your business too, so why not get started right away?

Client Story

Learn how St. basils used Big Team Challenge to help run their annual fundraiser.

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