Enable JustGiving on your virtual walking challenge and start raising money the easy way!

JustGiving is a fantastic fundraising platform that is trusted the world over, which is why we've chosen to integrate it into our platform as our primary provider.

When creating your challenge you will now have the option to enable fundraising and connect directly to your existing JustGiving page.

Automatically sync in your fundraising total
Show recent donors
Link to your donation page and other resources
What your users will see

A dedicated page on your challenge website and app

When enabled, your fundraiser will appear as its own dedicated page on your challenge website and within the app.

Users will be able to see your fundraising total, the goal you are hoping to reach, information about the fundraiser and any links that may be useful, including ones to donate directly.

The latest information

Up-to-date totals and recent donations

We're able to sync the latest totals and the list of recent donations from JustGiving, keeping your participants fully up-to-date with all of your fundraising efforts. (Donation lists are available for fundraising pages but not campaigns)

Additional features

Customise your fundraiser

To make sure our system is as flexible as possible, you can choose to overwrite any of the JustGiving data, such as fundraiser title, funding goal and description.

You can also add in extra links if required, such as a download to your fundraising pack or a link to donate directly via another platform.

Chat to use about your fundriaser

Sometimes it's just a little easier to have a human talk you through pricing and all the ways you can customise your own step challenge.

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