3 leaderboards showing how teams compared in different criteria

Leaderboard Segments

Split your leaderboard into different segments for different departments, branches, etc.


A little bit of friendly competition can go a long way. This is why we introduced leaderboards to the Big Team Challenge system early on. Users are able to see at a glance how their own team is faring, see who is leading and keep an eye on friends' teams.

Keeping an eye on your rivals

One of our latest leaderboard features is the ability to "favourite" other teams. This allows users to pick and choose their favourite teams to watch and creates a little leaderboard just for them. This is great if you have some eager teams who aren't too worried about the challenge as a whole, but certainly want to beat their friends!

Segmented leaderboards

Do you have multiple departments within your company, or perhaps have different office locations? We've built in the option for you to not only have your "challenge wide" leaderboard that every team can see and check up on every other team's progress, but to be able to have teams belong to a sub-category of leaderboard too. For instance you could have a leaderboards for your "Glasgow", "New York" and "Paris" teams, or perhaps the "Management", "Accounting" and "Sales" divisions. This allows your teams to have small challenges with their immediate colleagues and adds an extra level of friendly competition.

You can read more about segmented leaderboards here.

Challenge Leaderboard

Keep track of all the teams within the challenge.

Favourites Leaderboard

Add friends' teams to your 'favourites' mini leaderboard.

Segmented Leaderboards

Create custom leaderboards for different areas of your company, such as departments or locations.

Related FAQs

Is there a step challenge leaderboard?


When you set up your challenge you can choose to enable one leaderboard or all three, it's entirely up to you and what works best for your workplace challenge.

Teams: Total Distance
A list of all of your teams as well as their total distances.

Teams: Average Distance
This also displays all of your teams, but this time displays their average total based on the number of people on their team.
So a team of 3 can compete evenly against a team of 10.

Individuals: Total Distance
Instead of displaying all of the teams, this leaderboard shows all of the individual users from every team

Can we have more than one leaderboard?

We can tailor your challenge by creating and enabling team ‘segments’, which you would specify, to allow teams to view their ranking on the overall challenge leaderboard as well as their ranking in their ‘segment’. 

Creating and enabling this feature will requiring team admins to select from a number of options when creating their team (under the label of "You're part of..."), for example, “Department A”, “Department B” etc. Once a user has created or joined a team, the leaderboard can then be filtered to show just their team's segment, for example,  “Department A”, and the overall "All Teams" challenge leaderboard. Their team's leaderboard rank will therefore have two positions - their overall rank and their rank within, for example, “Department A”.

The screenshot below shows how the segmented leaderboard appears on the website. Note the "Group B" leaderboard option alongside the standard "All Teams" leaderboard.

Big team challenge's web version showing a highlighted leaderboard

And the screenshot below shows how the segmented leaderboard appears on the app. Note the "Group B" leaderboard option alongside the standard "All Teams" leaderboard.

Big team challenge's mobile version showing a highlighted leaderboard


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