A smart watch, phone and laptop show the various screens of our Step Challenge software.

Team leaderboards, virtual maps, phone step syncing, and other unique features

When you run your own virtual step challenge with us you can expect to find native apps for iPhone and Android, a mobile optimised web version, user-support, achievements, internal communications and much more.

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Choose from over 290 Virtual Routes
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Access to website and apps for everyone
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Choose how your users log exercise
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Customer support for you and your users
4 user avatars grouped together in a team
Team and individual leaderboards
And so much more!
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Challenge Apps And Website

We've designed Big Team Challenge's system to be as open to as many users as possible. We have done this by building our system to be available on the web from your computer or tablet, but also via our iPhone and Android apps.

A laptop, smart phone and smart watch show the various Step Challenge screens and are surrounded by various smart conections logos such as iPhone, Android, Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin and Health Connect
Dashboard on website and stap challenge app show overall stats and the users' recent activities. Screenshots of both the web and step challenge app showing how users can track their distances on team leaderboardsA mockup of the web app and step challenge mobile apps show the user's map page, which tracks their real world activity along a virtual mapThe website and step challenge app show how users can track their daily activities.

No Software Required

Access the challenge from any computer around the world by simply using your web browser


The challenge website also works well on smaller screens

Free Android App

Customisable Leaderboards

Enabling different leaderboards in your challenge can help engage your participants by creating a more varied and even playing field for those wanting to compete or simply compare their progress in the step challenge.

When you set up your challenge you can choose to enable one leaderboard or all three, it's entirely up to you and what works best for your workplace challenge.

Teams: Total Distance
A list of all of your teams as well as their total distances.

Teams: Average Distance
This also displays all of your teams, but this time displays their average total based on the number of people on their team.
So a team of 3 can compete evenly against a team of 10.

Individuals: Total Distance
Instead of displaying all of the teams, this leaderboard shows all of the individual users from every team

Challenge Modes

When setting up your custom challenge, you can choose to either run it as a fun and friendly competition, with teams trying to complete the route and beat the others to the finish line, or as a group activity with each team contributing to the total distance.

Teams Vs Teams (most popular)
Our most popular mode and the easiest to set up; Teams vs Teams allows your participants to get into smaller teams and compete against each other on a leaderboard. This mode is a fun way to build some friendly competition and inspire daily physical activity.

One Big Challenge
All of your participants still get into teams, but now every team's total is pooled together to move everyone along the virtual map at the same time. This is a great way of seeing more of the world as you can cover much greater distances together!

Read more about our challenge modes:

Connecting to step counters such as Fitbit and Garmin

We're living in the golden age of accurate and affordable wearable technology, so why not make the most of it? Our new system allows you to connect to your smart watches and pedometers if you wish.

iPhone and Apple Watch are beside other showing how the two systems can communitcate and track your steps.

Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit and Garmin

  • Track your steps using a variety of smart watches and pedometers
  • Connect to Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Watch
  • Sync steps with Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Option to track steps manually if needed
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Android logo
Fitbit Logo
Garmin logo
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Google Fit Logo
Google health connect logo
Apple health logo

Challenge Admin Area

A big part of any steps challenge is making sure you can engage with your participants, this is why we've made our admin area as intuitive and connected as possible. Keep an eye on registrations, invite new users to join, build your own challenge and much more!

Create Step Challenges

A few quick clicks and your challenge can be up and running in minutes!

User and Teams Data

Keep track of your participants progress.

Internal Posts

Send updates to users via the system and keep motivation high.

Add Your Branding

Add your branding to the challenge and create a welcome nessage for new participants

Choose a virtual route to explore

Tracking your daily steps to and from the office, around the park, or on your nightly stroll around the neighbourhood is great, but why not travel somewhere a little more exciting while you're at it?

Big Team Challenge has over 300 virtual routes to choose from when building your own challenge, allowing you and your participants to all explore somewhere new, see some beautiful photography and read some interesting facts.

Popular Virtual Routes



Step Count
Distance (km)

Peru: A truly fabulous country. Home to souring mountains, a coastal desert, ancient civilizations, a lost city, one of the wonders of the world and so much more.

Around the USA

Around the USA

Step Count
Distance (km)

Around the USA: Travel through twenty-one mainland states taking in some of the country’s best-loved and varied cities as you journey around the United States of America to the nation’s capital. Are you up for the challenge?

Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico

Step Count
Distance (km)

Gulf of Mexico: All the way from the Yucatán Peninsula in south-eastern Mexico along the southern coast of the United States to the Everglades of Florida. Ancient and modern. Heritage, culture and vibrant cities. This epic walk has something for everyone.

Looking for a custom route around your company locations?
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More Challenge Features

We're constantly upgrading our system and adding new features to our step challenge system. To learn more visit our features page

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Want to test out our walking challenge?

You can visit our demo challenge via the web or using our Challenge App for iPhone and Android.

step challenge website address: demo.bigteamchallenge.com

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