Getting Started

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Common Questions

Can users do any type of activity?

While you may wish to brand you challenge as a "step count challenge", some organisers prefer to allow their participants to add any physical activity that they do into the system, helping move their team along the virtual route. Our Activity Conversion Chart allows your participants to convert lots of different types of activity into a number of steps which can be manually entered into the website or app.

Is Big Team Challenge available worldwide?

Yes, Big Team Challenge is available worldwide however our app is not currently available in China due to restrictions outside of our control. Our customers in China have reported being able to participate in challenges via the website however we recommend testing this with your own team in China before creating your challenge. You can test this by using our demo site.

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Do you have more help articles?

Yes, both challenge organisers and participants can see all of our help articles on our dedicated help site:

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How do I create my own Big Team Challenge?

We've created a short video which takes you through the entire challenge creation process. If you've got further questions, please read our other FAQs or get in touch.

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What happens when a participant adds the distance they have walked/cycled?

Distances logged automatically update the respective team’s progress and position on an interactive map (powered by Google/Apple Maps) which displays the virtual route and the team’s progress as a highlighted path / line. The team’s progress will also be displayed as a percentage and graph on the website and mobile apps.

Professional photographs and facts about the nearest or latest reached map waypoint / milestone along the virtual route will be displayed to provide additional points of interest and motivation. As distance is added, our built-in challenge and distance achievements will be unlocked for each participant, motivating users to make the most of the challenge and collect all of the unlockable achievements.

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Can we create our own virtual route for our challenge?

We offer a wide selection of virtual routes out of the box which have been created to suit challenges of varying lengths and teams of varying sizes.

If you'd like to suggest a different route for your challenge please contact us and we can provide more information on what's possible.

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How can we make sure that people outside of our target audience don’t register to take part?

Users self-register on your unique website or using our Big Team Challenge mobile apps (iOS and Android). To limit access and registration, we can, if you wish, set up an optional private access code can be required. For instance, users might enter a 4 digit passcode when registering, or you might allow anyone to register if they know your challenge web address.

You can also completely close registration and manually invite participants yourself via your own private admin area.

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Do we need to let our participants know when the challenge has started?

Yes, for the most flexibility our system does not send out any automated emails/push notifications. As the challenge organiser, you can easily message all of your participants from your private challenge admin area at any time and can choose to send these messages as emails and/or push notifications.

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Can people sign-up to take part in our Big Team Challenge before the challenge begins?

Yes. Our system is designed to allow users to easily register and create or join teams before the challenge start date.

We recommend your challenge website goes live 2-4 weeks or so before the challenge starts to allow you time to promote it and give people time to register to take part and create and join teams in advance so they can begin to add their distances as soon as the challenge begins.

We are here and happy to advise and help you through the set-up process.

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Must participants enter their distances in steps?

No. Activity can be manually entered in steps, miles or kilometers. Big Team Challenge handles all conversions and calculations.

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Can I choose when our challenge will start and how long it will last?

Yes. Big Team Challenge allows you to customise your challenge to your needs. Enjoy complete control of every aspect of the challenge, from choosing when your challenge should begin, how long it should last, team size, and virtual route that suits your participants to uploading your branding on the website and mobile apps and the ability to send push notifications and emails to all participants.

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How do I get started?

Setting up your challenge couldn’t be easier. Our Big Team Challenge website allows you to create your own challenge using our Challenge Creator Wizard.  You can sign up for free on to reserve your organisation’s Big Team Challenge website, browse our library of routes and view your custom quote for your first challenge.

Your custom Big Team Challenge website includes a secure admin area, with separate login details for each admin user to whom you’d like to provide access. Through the admin area, they will have options to create and edit challenges, view and export users and teams, view the leaderboard and update site-wide settings (including registration, billing, etc).

You can watch a video about creating your first challenge here:

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What is Big Team Challenge and how does it work?

Big Team Challenge is a cost-effective software-as-a-service solution which provides web and mobile apps for managing online ‘virtual’ walking and cycling challenges for workplaces and communities. 

Our Big Team Challenge software and service allows teams of users to track their accumulated distance on their mobile, tablet or computer and view their challenge progress on an interactive map. We can cater for almost any route - small or large - and have a comprehensive library of routes from around the world.

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