Challenge Administration

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Common Questions

Do you have more help articles?

Yes, both challenge organisers and participants can see all of our help articles on our dedicated help site:

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We would like to create the teams for our challenge. Can our challenge adminstrator do that?

As a challenge admin, you have the ability to manage teams on your participants behalf.

You can:

  1. Create new teams, specifying the member email addresses
  2. Update an existing team - name, location, description
  3. Add a new member email to an existing team
  4. Cancel a pending new member invite

To create a team, login to your admin website (e.g. and visit the new "Teams" link on the left-hand navigation.

You should see a list of all teams:

From the Teams page, you can search for a team, click on the "View" button on a team row to edit a team, or use the "Create Team" button to add a new team:

Each team must have a unique name - enter this along with (optionally) the team's location and description. If Team Segments are enabled, choose the leaderboard segment this team should belong to.

You can also choose whether to allow other other participants to join the team through the website and apps - "Anyone can join". Alternatively select "Invite only" to require an invite from this section.

After you've created the team, you can add people to it by entering their email address and their nickname.

We use the nickname to identify invites as we don't remember the email for privacy reasons. For each team member:

  1. If the email address is already a registered participant but they are a member of another team, you will get an error message.
  2. If the email address is already a registered participant and not in a team, they will be automatically added to the team - i.e. no invite. Note: this will cancel any pending invites for other teams.
  3. If the email address is not registered, they will receive an invitation email with a link to register for your challenge. Upon registering (using the same email address), they will be automatically added to the team. Note: Normal non-admin invites require the user to press "Accept" or "Decline".

Later, you can edit the team by selecting it from the Teams section and clicking on the "Edit" button.

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Can I designate someone to be a challenge administrator?


To give someone admin access they need to have registered to take part in the challenge.

To give any registered user challenge admin access:

  1. Log in to your admin website
  2. Click on Users on the sidebar navigation
  3. Search for the user by name / email (field to top right of table)
  4. Click on "Edit" beside the user
  5. Tick "User can access admin area" on the next page and then click Update User.
  6. The user can then login via with full permissions.
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What happens when a participant adds the distance they have walked/cycled?

Distances logged automatically update the respective team’s progress and position on an interactive map (powered by Google/Apple Maps) which displays the virtual route and the team’s progress as a highlighted path / line. The team’s progress will also be displayed as a percentage and graph on the website and mobile apps.

Professional photographs and facts about the nearest or latest reached map waypoint / milestone along the virtual route will be displayed to provide additional points of interest and motivation. As distance is added, our built-in challenge and distance achievements will be unlocked for each participant, motivating users to make the most of the challenge and collect all of the unlockable achievements.

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Is there a demonstration site I could view and use?


You can try out our demo site at using as the email and password as the password. The same details can be used in our iOS and Android apps. The demo site refreshes every 24 hours so feel free to play around with adding distance.

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Can we send news and updates to participants during our challenge?

Yes. Big Team Challenge includes an ‘updates’ feature which enables the administrators of the challenge to send out messages to all participants via the website, mobile apps and via email, keeping them informed of the general progress and any other issues they may want to raise. 

The challenge administrators can choose to also send out push notifications to app users to further highlight the updates, with these messages being viewable from within the app. If you prefer to use your own email communication system, your Big Team Challenge admin website includes the option to export users to a csv file, including each user’s registered email address for importing into your third party systems.

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What information do participants need to provide?

Our registration form is minimal, requiring only a name and email address. Once registered, users can update their profile, including their name, email, avatar and custom options.

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Will we have access to information about those taking part in our challenge?

Yes. With Big Team Challenge you have full access to the participant and team details.

All user and challenge data can be exported to csv spreadsheets for analysing after the challenge has finished, and our support team are available to provide any additional information or reporting which you may need during or after the challenge.

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We would like to offer prizes to motivate those taking part in our Big Team Challenge.

Some of our clients like to offer prizes at intervals during their challenges as incentives and, if this is something that appeals to you, we can help you with this too to save you time by setting up a custom report in advance of the challenge starting which chooses a winner at random who meets your specified criteria.

We have a Rewards Strategy PDF file with some hints and tips available to download for free.

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I would like to collect information about those taking part in our challenge.

For larger challenges we can incorporate an element of customisation into the registration fields. When registering on the website or apps, participants are only required to provide the minimum information - name, email and login password. If you have other information that you need to capture and link to an account, we can set up those optional fields manually for you in advance of people starting to register to take part.

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