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Common Questions

How do I invite people to join my team?

If you are the team creator, you can invite others to join you by sending an invite on the website or within the app. Go to the 'My Team' section and use the 'invite member' link to send a new invite. You’ll need to know the email address of the person you’re wishing to invite.

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Can I leave a team if I want to join another team or create my own?

Yes, as long as you are not the team creator and the challenge is still in the registration period (before the challenge is live and users are able to add any distance).

If you wish to leave the team but are unable to for either of these reasons, please get in touch.

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Can I join a team after the challenge has started?

Yes you can.

You can search for a team and join it, or the team admin can invite you to join.

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Can we have more than one leaderboard?

There are three standard leaderboards which can be enabled via your private admin area. They are:

  • Teams: Total Distance. Sorted by the total distance per team.
  • Individuals: Total Distance. Sorted by the total distance per participant.
  • Teams: Average Distance. Sorted by the average distance per team member.

Your participants can search the leaderboards, change the sort order and also mark teams and individual participants as their "favourites" (allowing them to quickly find them in the leaderboards).

The leaderboards can be seen by your participants in the "Leaderboards" page of the challenge website.

You can view a different leaderboard by clicking on the leaderboard drop-down at the top of the page.

You can also view the leaderboards in our app.

And you can select to view one of the other leaderboards in the app.

Team Segments

We have an optional feature called "team segments" which creates another layer of competition. Please see this help article for more information.

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Is there a step challenge leaderboard?


When you set up your challenge you can choose to enable one leaderboard or all three, it's entirely up to you and what works best for your workplace challenge.

Teams: Total Distance
A list of all of your teams as well as their total distances.

Teams: Average Distance
This also displays all of your teams, but this time displays their average total based on the number of people on their team.
So a team of 3 can compete evenly against a team of 10.

Individuals: Total Distance
Instead of displaying all of the teams, this leaderboard shows all of the individual users from every team

How do participants create or join a team?

Logged in users can create a new team or search and join open teams. Teams are created as ‘open’, allowing anyone to join or be invited, or ‘invite-only’ where the team admin must invite colleagues to join. Our built-in invite system requires only an email address, sending a unique link to the recipient which can be used to register and choose to accept or ignore the invite. 

To comply with GDPR, we do not store human-readable email addresses of people who are invited, and the email they receive includes a way of opting-out of all future emails from Big Team Challenge.

We have a playlist of video tutorials covering the whole registration process.

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Can I use Big Team Challenge to run a challenge for individual participants rather than teams?

We recommend organising your challenge to have teams with at least 2 members, however a team can comprise of just one person if required. Note: all challenges require teams even if these are teams of just one person.

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