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Now available in Australia and New Zealand

Global workplaces

Workplaces are constantly evolving, growing and changing, and it's important to make sure that we grow with them. This is why we've strived to make our system as open and available to everyone around the world as we can.
A wonderful example of this our ever growing client list in Australia and New Zealand. Despite being half a world away, and an entire 13 time zones out of sync, we are able to help these customers thrive and create astonishing results with their virtual activity challenges.

Workplaces, communities and local councils can create their own challenges to connect with their audiences no matter how far around the world they are. Countries such as Australia can even span multiple time zones and have workers that are more remote than others that are simply in another country. This is why it's important for us to create a system that allows users from anywhere in the world to join up in a team together and actively work together to earn achievements and unlock milestones.

Our web based platform allows participants from any country to join, while our accompanying iPhone and Android apps allow users with smart devices to keep up to date while out and about.

Creating your own workplace step challenge takes only a few minutes to set up, so why not start today. Signup for your free account and get a feel for how the system works.

Are you based in Australia or New Zealand?

Check our our new Australia and New Zealand page to learn more about running a challenge from there and get an instant quote.

Running A Virtual Walking Challenge

Staying motivated with a team behind you

Regular exercise can be a great way of staying healthy both physically and mentally, but it can be hard to stay motivated when it's just you. Shorter days, work deadlines and bad weather can all contribute to making you want to stay indoors and simply unwind while watching TV under a blanket, however this can actually lead to feeling worse in the long run. Regular daily exercise is an important part of any self care routine and has been shown time and time again to have an impact on your mental health.

Joining or creating groups with like-minded people can be a great way of motivating each other and encouraging more mindful thinking towards exercise.

Creating a virtual walking challenge can help make a lasting change

Virtual walking challenges are a great way to begin this process. Participants are encouraged to sign up, create or join an existing team and start tracking their daily step counts. Being a part of a team helps create some friendly motivation, with users encouraged to keep up with their fellow team mates. With the use of team activity, unlock-able achievements and virtual routes they can track their progress along, a walking challenge can be a great way to boost motivation and help change long term attitudes towards exercise.

Teams leaderboard

The addition of a challenge-wide leaderboard can help extend this competitive element to the wider community, with each team being able to actively compete against others on the challenge.

Available worldwide

Another benefit of a virtual challenge is that it isn't limited to your local community, it's open to a worldwide audience. Creating a challenge across the globe can be a great way of users connecting with family, friends or colleagues from different countries.

Why not start your own Virtual Walk today?

Learn how to create your own Virtual Walking Challenge on Big team Challenge

Walk Ireland

Enjoy a virtual walk around Ireland

Ireland is one of our most popular destinations for a virtual step challenge and it's not hard to understand why, with its rugged coast line, green valleys and colourful cities.

How does the Ireland virtual route work?

When enjoying one of our walking challenges, users can transfer their real time daily step counts onto a virtual map around Ireland, moving them through various key milestones around the country.

When arriving at a new milestone users are presented with a gorgeous photograph of the location and an introductory piece of text that describes the area and provides fun facts.

Ireland Milestones

Our Ireland routes often bridge both Northern Ireland and Ireland itself, with milestones in both countries. Some of these milestones include Brú na Bóinne, Dublin, Rock of Cashel, Giant's Causeway, Killarney National Park, Blarney Castle, Belfast and many more.

Creating your own Ireland walking challenge

Big Team Challenge allows you to create your own challenges and invite your participants to join you. To learn more about how our step challenges work, please visit out step challenge page for more information and pricing.

Walk Scotland - National Walking Month

A Virtual Walk Of The Highlands

To celebrate National Walking Month in the UK, we have created 4 custom routes around each of the 4 countries that make up this wonderful island. The first of which is the epic and dramatic landscapes of Scotland.

Step Count

At a modest 1564377 Steps (1072km / 666 miles), our virtual route around Scotland takes in 22 milestones and goes from the lowlands of the border counties to the coastal views of the Isle of Skye and back down to Edinburgh.

If you were looking to set up a month long challenge on this route, it would suit walking challenges for teams of 5 or 6 and would be a great way to get your teams motivated and engaged in a little sightseeing!

Learn more about the route here and how you can get started with your step challenge.