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Global workplaces

Workplaces are constantly evolving, growing and changing, and it's important to make sure that we grow with them. This is why we've strived to make our system as open and available to everyone around the world as we can.
A wonderful example of this our ever growing client list in Australia and New Zealand. Despite being half a world away, and an entire 13 time zones out of sync, we are able to help these customers thrive and create astonishing results with their virtual activity challenges.

Workplaces, communities and local councils can create their own challenges to connect with their audiences no matter how far around the world they are. Countries such as Australia can even span multiple time zones and have workers that are more remote than others that are simply in another country. This is why it's important for us to create a system that allows users from anywhere in the world to join up in a team together and actively work together to earn achievements and unlock milestones.

Our web based platform allows participants from any country to join, while our accompanying iPhone and Android apps allow users with smart devices to keep up to date while out and about.

Creating your own workplace step challenge takes only a few minutes to set up, so why not start today. Signup for your free account and get a feel for how the system works.

Are you based in Australia or New Zealand?

Check our our new Australia and New Zealand page to learn more about running a challenge from there and get an instant quote.