Workplace activity challenges

Now available in Australia and New Zealand

Getting your friends and colleagues active and motivated this year has never been easier with Big Team Challenge's online platform and step challenge app.

Got offices or locations all around the country or the world?

Virtual challenges to engage remote workers

Our apps and website allow users to connect to the challenge from all over the world and compete against their colleagues. Use your step competition to bring your offices, warehouses, logistic and management departments together, and engage in some friendly competitive team building and all while getting healthier!

The Big Team Challenge apps displayed on iphone and android

Use your daily activity to move you along a virtual walk

Our system allows your users to use their daily step count, such as walking around the neighbourhood or going for a jog in the park, into movement along one of our 300+ virtual maps.

Your participants sign up online to your private challenge, track their activity using their smartphone or pedometer, and get themselves walking through the hills of Italy, over the beaches of the Caribbean or along the Great Wall of China itself!

You are in complete control of your company challenge and can customise it to just how you need it. It's a great way to motivate your workforce, friends and family to be more active.

Looking to make physical activity a little more fun?

Building friendly competition between teams

One of our top priorities is to make your daily activity fun and something to look forward to! We've tried to pack Big Team Challenge with as many fun, intuitive and unique features as we possibly could, and are always working on more.

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Create teams and invite colleagues

Your participants can create their own teams, invite their colleagues and start working together to boost each other's daily activity.

Note: If you want, you can lock teams so that only you, as the admin, can create them.

Elements of our step challenges such as virtual routes, step tracking and awards.

Walking along a virtual map

Each team can keep track of their progress along one of our fun and interactive virtual maps. Or alternatively you can set up the challenge so that all teams are walking along a much bigger route together.


Leaderboards, achievements and some friendly competition!

Teams can keep track of the their friend's teams or rivals in the challenge by viewing the leaderboard and see who's racing ahead. Users can also earn personal and and team achievements along the way.

Dashboard on website and stap challenge app show overall stats and the users' recent activities.

Sync with smart devices

Sync with Fitbit, Garmin, iPhone or Android, Samung Health, Health Kit, Health Connect and more.

Manually add distances

For those without a smart pedometer

Easy sign up via the website and apps

Users can sign up, create teams, invite friends and sync smart devices in just a couple of minutes.

Free support

We're here to help set up your challenge and support your users so you don't have to worry.

300+ routes to choose from

Or get in touch for a quote on a custom route

Watch a brief video explaining how our challenges work

In this video you'll get a brief overview of how Big Team Challenge works and how your users will be able to sign up to your walking challenge, create teams, invite their friends and start tracking their daily steps.

Would you like a demo of the challenge system and all of it's features?
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Step Challenge Pricing

Our pricing is in USD, however you will be able to pay with an AUD credit card. Payment is also possible via manual bank transfer (contact us for more details).

How long will your challenge last?

Up to 6 weeks
Up to 12 weeks

How many participants do you expect?

team challenge billing receipt
Base Fee
Our challenge pricing includes 100 users as standard. If you don't think you'll go over this limit, this is all you will need to pay.
Base fee
First 100 users
Estimated Total
(excluding tax)
Estimated Total
Base fee
First 100 users
50 additional users
Estimated Total
(excluding tax)
$1700 USD
Find out what you get
1000+ Users?
We have additional services and discounts for larger challenges. Please get in touch for a personalised quote and demonstration.

What you get

  • Duration Limit
  • Participants included in
    base fee
  • Additional participants
  • Challenges
  • Routes
  • Mobile Apps
  • Integration with Fitbit,
    Garmin, etc
  • Admin and Basic
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Custom Route
  • Advanced Reporting

Your Challenge Plan

Run a challenge up to 42 days long
up to 6 weeks
First 100 Participants inlcuded in the plan
£4.40 per additional participant
£4 / Participant
1 Challenge Inlcuded
300+ virtual routes to choose from
300+ to choose from
Mobile apps included
Integration with Fitbit, Garmin, +more
Your own admin area with access to user data
Email and Chat support
Custom routes available for an additional fee
Additional Fee
Advanced Reporting available for an additional fee
Contact Us
Upfront Base Fee
Charge At End Of Challenge
£4.40 per user above 100
Estimated total
Excluding Tax
Charity and Public Sector Discounts Available
Got any questions about the system or the quote you've received?
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Advanced Extras

Big Team Challenge is built so that you can run everything yourself and not expect any surprises when it comes to your bill.

However we do offer additional manual services to help maintain, manage or enhance your challenge.

Challenge Management

If you would prefer to hand over management of your challenge to one of our team members, we would be happy to cover everything from start to finish.

Tier 1

  • Set up the challenge on your behalf
  • Provide an introductory document/wording which you can distribute to your participants
  • We’ll build your teams for you and invite your users (200 participants max)

From £250

Tier 2 (in addition to tier 1)

  • Weekly email updates to your participants detailing challenge progress
  • Access to detailed challenge reporting (view example)

From £400

Tier 3 (in addition to tier 2)

  • Weekly 30 min catch-up call with one of our team
  • Weekly & end-of-challenge prize allocation based on your specifications
  • Custom reporting during and at the end of the challenge as required

From £1000

Custom Reporting

Do you need more than our standard reporting? Choose our advanced reporting for a much more in-depth look at your participants and their activity.

From £100

Custom Route

We can create an entirely custom route for your organisation, with milestones, descriptions and images all chosen by you. So why not build a route related to your own journey.

From £150

Want to add advanced options to your plan?
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Over 300 virtual routes to choose from

Our challenges are created to foster an engaging experience in the workplace and to encourage not only healthy living but curious minds too! That’s why we have created a library of over 300 virtual walking routes for you to choose from.

Each of our walking challenges use a real world map to track your teams progress and update the users with fun and interesting milestones along the way.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, why not get in touch and let us help you build a custom virtual route.

Here's a few of our favourite walking routes

Scottish Highlights

Scottish Highlights

Step Count
Distance (km)

Welcome to Scotland - the home of the haggis, tartan and the midge!. Walk the length and breadth of this beautiful country sampling a few of its best loved and best known landmarks along the way.

Green Spain

Green Spain

Step Count
Distance (km)

Green Spain: A different side of Spain. Explore an area rich in culture, heritage and history complete with lush meadows, soaring mountains and golden beaches. Take in some of the region’s top destinations as you travel along the Bay of Biscay to the dramatic coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.

Scotland's Titans' Trail

Scotland's Titans' Trail

Step Count
Distance (km)

Titans' Trail: Explore and celebrate more of Scotland’s rich heritage on this trail featuring the five iconic achievements included in the list of International Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks compiled by the American Society of Civil Engineers, including Scotland's biggest infrastructure project since the Ancient Roman’s built the Antonine Wall nearly 2,000 years ago!

All of our walks are different lengths to accommodate teams of different sizes and abilities. While it would be great if everyone could walk their 10,000 steps a day, sometimes that’s a little harder for some than others. 

Each of our routes come with gorgeous images of the locations you visit along the way, as well as tons of fascinating information about every stop. We’ve had amazing feedback about our maps and how they have helped make the challenge more interesting and engaging. 

We're making new routes every week, so who knows, we might stop by your own hometown soon!

Want to talk to a real person?

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We pride ourselves on offering all of our customers the same level of support. We'll be there to help you get set up and answer any technical support questions your participants might have.

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You can visit our demo challenge via the web or using our Challenge App for iPhone and Android.

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