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Kickstart the new year with a workplace step challenge

Got a lot of new years resolutions hanging over you and your team? Get everyone moving and motivated with an exercise challenge to really start 2024 with a bang!

New Year

Get your teams moving this January

We're all a little guilty about setting ourselves some ambitious goals for the new year, so let's make this January a little different!

Setting up a challenge for colleagues is a great way to build a lasting change in exercise routines. Running a simple walking challenge for 6 weeks or more helps change people's perception of daily exercise and builds healthy new habits about getting out and walking around the neighbourhood each day.

Virtual routes with milestone images and descriptions
How does it work?

Convert your daily steps into movement along a virtual map

Our apps and website allow your participants to connect to the challenge from all over the world and compete against their colleagues, friends or family.

Users can sign up online, create or join teams, and connect their smart devices to keep track of their steps. Their team totals are updated automatically and progress them along a virtual map that rewards them with interesting milestone information and achievements.

Choosing your new year route

"We're looking for somewhere sunny" is our most common request from new customers when setting up their winter step challenges. We have over 290 virtual routes to choose from, that range from the coast line of Italy, to the great wall of china! So we're pretty confident you'll find something in our library of routes to warm your participants this January.

Each route comes with gorgeous images of the locations you visit along the way, as well as tons of fascinating information about each place.

Popular Virtual Routes

Rügen to Venice

Rügen to Venice

Step Count
Distance (km)

Rugen to Venice: Inspired by one of Europe’s long-distance paths. Travel through six countries, visiting fascinating cities on your way south from the shores of the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic. Another walk to savour.



Step Count
Distance (km)

Istria: A sun-kissed, heart-shaped peninsula stretching into the northern Adriatic Sea. Shared by three countries: Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. Explore some the highlights of Istria which help draw millions of visitors to this beautiful and historic area every year.



Step Count
Distance (km)

Myanmar has its own diverse and unique character. Explore some of the great attractions of this fascinating country.

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Challenge Features

Using Big Team Challenge gives you the freedom to create a step challenge of your very own, exactly as you want it. Get your friends, family and colleagues into teams and compete to finish a virtual route or work together to try and get around the world.

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Register users online and get instant access to your step challengeUsers get their own personal step challenge profile and dashboardTeams can view their progress and team mates step count. Your own admin area the challenge overview

Sync with smart devices

Sync with Fitbit, Garmin, iPhone or Android

Manually add distances

For those without a smart pedometer

Easy sign up via the website and apps

Full access to the web and mobile app versions

Free support

We're here to help set up your challenge

290+ routes to choose from

Or get in touch for a quote on a custom route
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We pride ourselves on offering all of our customers the same level of support. We'll be there to help you set up your challenge, invite your users and answer any technical support questions your participants might have.

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Want to test out our walking challenge?

You can visit our demo challenge via the web or using our Challenge App for iPhone and Android.

step challenge website address: demo.bigteamchallenge.com

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