Reducing our carbon footprint

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Big Team Challenge is teaming up with Ecologi to help plant trees

Planting new trees for our customers

Big Team Challenge are proud to announce that as of September 2022, we will be planting 1 tree for every 5 participants that join one of our customer's challenges.

As part of larger ongoing project to reduce our climate impact, we've partnered with Ecologi to help plant trees all around the world and help with biodiversity. We're hoping that with our contribution of 1 tree per 5 participants, as well as our own personal donations, that we'll be able to plant over 5,000 trees in our first year, which we hope will go a long way to creating a greener environment for our users all around the world.

Our new admin system will also be able to tell organisers exactly how many trees they will have helped plant by running their step challenge, helping to spread the good news.

Reducing our impact further

As a technology company we benefit from having very few environmental impacts from our operation; with our teams being able to work remotely, no manufacturing considerations, and a purely electronic communication and marketing setup. However that's not to say we can't be doing better.

Moving to greener energy

One of our largest considerations is the data centres we use to run our systems and the energy consumption involved with powering these. We're currently researching alternatives to our current providers and looking at hosts who use 100% renewable energy. We believe this will help bring down our carbon footprint even further and provide a more sustainable option for us as a company in the long run.

Encouraging more from our participants

Our step challenges have always been focused on getting people more active in their daily lives to improve their long term health. But perhaps there is more we could be doing, such as encouraging users to swap their daily driving commute for public transport, or researching other ways in which they can stay active while also helping their wider community with green projects.

We're really excited to announce this new step at Big Team Challenge, but it's just one of many we plan to make in the coming years as we grow as a company and we can't wait to announce more!

To get your employees moving and help make things a little greener, why not sign up for your own corporate step challenge and see how many trees you can help plant.

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