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We've had a lot of charities using Big Team Challenge over the last 12 months and we've seen some incredible results.
The flexibility of Big Team Challenge's walking platform allows charities and fundraising groups to alter their approach to donations.

For the majority of our challenges, our customers use one of the following two options and have a lot of success in engaging with their audiences.

  • Paid Access - You set an amount, such as £50 per team of 5, to gain access to the system. Once a user has paid for these via Just Giving or something similar, and given you the 5 emails of the users they want to add, you can then use your Big Team Challenge admin area to create their team and allocate those email addresses to that team. The system will then send out an invite to those emails and allow them to automatically get signed up and active. Some organisers also ask participants to set up their own fundraisers on top of this and donate what they make to the main campaign too.
  • Open Challenge - You open up the challenge to anyone that wants to join and allow them to get registered and into teams themselves using our system. You can then use the landing page and our inter-system communication to send out regular emails and reminders urging people to set up their own fundraisers and donate to you at the end of the challenge. This option obviously requires a some goodwill from your participants not to simply use the system and not contribute, but from our experience this has not been an issue for our organisers.

Promotional / fundraising page

A new feature we are able to offer allows you to have your own public facing promotional page on our site. An example of this can be found at and shows how you can talk about the challenge, show your teams progress and advertise your charity of choice at the bottom.

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