Activity Conversion Chart for step challenges

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Step Challenge Conversion Charts

Step challenges can be a great way to motivate your workforce or community group, but they can also be quite exclusionary.
For participants with low mobility, a step challenge that simply encourages walking or running more can feel a little daunting. For this reason we introduced our Activity Conversion Chart as an optional addition to challenges.

Creating a more inclusive experience for your employees

By enabling this feature, users can convert minutes of activities such as Yoga, Gardening and Housework into a numerical step count. By enabling low impact activities, as well as a varied list of other intensity sports, your step challenge can suddenly become a more open and inclusive space for your employees.

Page 1 of the activity conversion chart.

View the online activity conversion chart

If you're running a challenge with us, we can display this activity conversion chart as a link directly on your challenge dashboard. Simply get in touch to request this and we will be happyto do this free of charge. If you are running your own step challenge manually, please feel free to use our chart, which you can find online for free at:

Download the activity conversion chart

You can download a PDF version of our activity conversion chart to print out at home or share around the office. Download the PDF here