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Envu ran a challenge for more than 500 of their employees globally and achieved great results

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When we embarked on the journey to find a global activity that could engage our employees to achieve a common go altogether, we were thrilled to discover the Big Team Challenge platform. It was exactly what we were searching for to create a global, inclusive and engaging activity for our employees from all around the world.

Big Team Challenge instilled a sense of camaraderie and team spirit that was palpable throughout the entire event. Our employees were excited to join forces, support one another, and work together to reach milestones and goals along our virtual world tour.

We received outstanding support from the Big Team Challenge support team. From the initial planning stages to the execution of the challenge, the team provided invaluable assistance and guidance.

Having an impact on the environment by contributing to a project with Tree planting was also a key point for us, in alignment with our global company purpose.

Overall our experience with Big Team Challenge was really successful. It brought our global team closer together, encouraged a healthier lifestyle, and fostered a sense of unity and belonging.

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