"The app's flexibility allowed us to tailor the competition to our specific needs"
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Docebo Women's Alliance ran a step competition with over 130 participants

What They Said about their steps challenge

"I am thrilled to share my positive experience with the Big Team Challenge app, which played a pivotal role in our Docebo Women's Alliance steps competition. Big Team Challenge not only facilitated a friendly steps competition but also promoted a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among our Docebo Women's Alliance members. The real-time tracking of steps, personalized leaderboards, and interactive features kept everyone motivated throughout the challenge.

The app's flexibility allowed us to tailor the competition to our specific needs, and the intuitive design made it easy for participants to stay connected and involved. The responsive support team at Big Team Challenge was also commendable, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for organizers and participants.

Overall, the Big Team Challenge app added an exciting and dynamic element to our wellness initiative. I highly recommend this app to any organization looking to enhance employee engagement and promote a healthy and active lifestyle."

- Erich Kraeuter, Docebo

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