Connect your remote teams around the world

Build a fun and interactive daily step challenge for your workers all around the world.

Team building with your remote workers

With more and more offices working remotely, Big Team Challenge can help connect everyone with a fun and motivating step challenge available via web browsers and our step challenge apps.

Using Big Team Challenge gives you the freedom to create a step challenge of your very own, exactly as you want it. Get your employees from different offices all around the world into teams and compete to finish a virtual route or work together to try and get around the world.

Big Team Challenge is a great first step in your wellness program and is purpose built to connect teams that aren't necessarily working in the same office.

Two phones show both the virtual walking route screen, which shows the teams' progress along the map, and the activity feed screen, which shows the user's distance entries and synced steps.

Track your steps via our website and step challenge apps

Our website and iPhone and Android apps allow your participants to get into teams, track their daily activity and move themselves along one of our 300+ virtual maps.

Low cost and high return on investment

With low per-participants costs and a flexible pricing structure, Big Team Challenge is a perfect justification for Active Travel funding throughout the UK.

With an easy-to-use online system, friendly apps, flexibility for users of different mobility or physical ability, and a UK-based user support team, Big Team Challenge is a perfect way to boost your Active Travel initiative.  

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Create teams and invite colleagues

Your participants can create their own teams, invite their colleagues and start working together to boost each other's daily activity.

Note: If you want, you can lock teams so that only you can create them.

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Track your progress along a virtual map

Each team can keep track of their progress along one of our fun and interactive virtual maps. Or alternatively you can set up the challenge so that all teams are walking along a much bigger route together.


View team leaderboards

Teams can keep track of the their friend's teams or rivals in the challenge by viewing the leaderboard and see who's racing ahead.

Dashboard on website and stap challenge app show overall stats and the users' recent activities.

Sync with smart devices

Sync with Fitbit, Garmin, iPhone or Android, Samung Health, Health Kit, Health Connect and more.

Manually add distances

For those without a smart pedometer

Easy sign up via the website and apps

Users can sign up, create teams, invite friends and sync smart devices in just a couple of minutes.

Free support

We're here to help set up your challenge and support your users so you don't have to worry.

300+ routes to choose from

Or get in touch for a quote on a custom route
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Make a positive and affordable change to your employee wellbeing program

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While working remotely can be a blessing to a lot of your staff, it can come with it's downsides and affect mental and physical wellbeing.

It is estimated that around 27 million working days were lost to in 2017/18 due to work-related ill health, with almost one and a half million people suffering from a work-related illness.

Creating a positive mentality with your employees that places focus on wellbeing has shown to help reduce stress, anxiety and injury within the workforce.

Big team challenge aim to work seamlessly with existing company structures to help make a positive change to your employees perceptions of healthy living.

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Want to test out our walking challenge?

You can visit our demo challenge via the web or using our Challenge App for iPhone and Android.

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Need help setting up your remote worker challenge?

Sometimes it's just a little easier to have a human talk you through pricing and all the ways you can customise your own step challenge.

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