Get your workplace active this summer with your very own virtual step challenge.

We've helped to make a positive change all around the world with our corporate step challenges, helping employees and community groups stay active and motivated. Join us this summer and create some friendly competition for your teams.


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Our step challenge apps displaying users total distances.

Track your real world activity along one of our virtual walks in our step challenge apps

Our website and iPhone and Android apps allow your participants to get into teams, track their daily step count, compete on leaderboards and move themselves along one of our 290+ virtual walks.

Creating a fun and engaging health initiative is a simple and cost effective way to engage with your employees and increase motivation in the workplace, as well as boosting mental and physical wellbeing. Get an added boost with achievements and leaderboards to help encourage some friendly competition between colleagues!

Getting started takes a few minutes and we'll always be happy to help answer any questions you might have about the system.

Competition leaderboards

In order to help encourage some friendly rivalry you can choose to enable several leaderboards on your step competition. These will enable your users to keep track of their team's overall position, their individual progress and create a leaderboard of their 'favourite' teams.

When you set up your challenge you can choose to enable one leaderboard or all three, it's entirely up to you and what works best for your workplace challenge.

Teams: Total Distance
A list of all of your teams as well as their total distances.

Teams: Average Distance
This also displays all of your teams, but this time displays their average total based on the number of people on their team.
So a team of 3 can compete evenly against a team of 10.

Individuals: Total Distance
Instead of displaying all of the teams, this leaderboard shows all of the individual users from every team

Challenge Modes

Build friendly competition or use team work to get everyone across the finish line.

When setting up your custom challenge, you can choose to either run it as a fun and friendly competition, with teams trying to complete the route and beat the others to the finish line, or as a group activity with each team contributing to the total distance.

Teams Vs Teams (most popular)
Our most popular mode and the easiest to set up; Teams vs Teams allows your participants to get into smaller teams and compete against each other on a leaderboard. This mode is a fun way to build some friendly competition and inspire daily physical activity.

One Big Challenge
All of your participants still get into teams, but now every team's total is pooled together to move everyone along the virtual map at the same time. This is a great way of seeing more of the world as you can cover much greater distances together!

Read more about our challenge modes:

Intro Video

Watch how your workplace can get more active and engaged with our challenges.

We're constantly trying to improve Big Team Challenge and enhance the experience of both you–as the organiser–and that of your participants. Our ultimate goal is to create a system that is easy to use, fun to engage with and helps to build a healthy attitude towards daily exercise.

This video shows just some of the unique features we can offer, such as fitness tracker syncing, Fitbit integration, team invites and virtual maps.

Let us help get your teams more active this year with a daily step count challenge.

Get Started

Sign up today and launch your challenge instantly!

Our easy to use online challenge wizard allows you to build, customise and launch your challenge in a matter of minutes.

But we'll always be around to chat with using our instant messenger help system.

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With over 88,000 users, we've got some pretty great feedback.

We've helped organise step count challenges for companies all over the world, from small independent companies in the UK, to tech giants in Silicon Valley.

With over 88,000 users logging distances, we've got a pretty good track record of delivering a lasting change to users around the globe.

Here are just a few of the nice things they've had to say about how Big Team Challenge helped engage with their workforce and helped everyone stay motivated.

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"It was a big success and it contributed very well to the well-being of our employees, definitely recommend it!"

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"...I would wholeheartedly recommend Big Team Challenge to any company who wants to build their team spirit."

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Free Now

"...a game-changer that made us work hard and have fun at the same time while building team spirit..."

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NHS Dumfries & Galloway

"Big Team Challenge respond quickly and efficiently to any questions providing excellent support before, during and after the challenge."

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Domino's Pizza

"What a great challenge – the feedback from the entire team has been incredibly positive and we all enjoyed it very much."

Big And Small

Supporting local and international organisations.

Here are just a few of the customers we've helped make a lasting change to since we began in 2015.

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read our customer review
read our customer review
read our customer review
read our customer review
read our customer review
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our virtual maps displayed on the iPhone app
See the world

Over 290 virtual walking routes to choose from.

All of our step challenges use a real world virtual walking route that stops off at interesting and unusual milestones along the way.

We've had a great response from our users about the routes and how much they enjoy learning about somewhere new around the world while they get out and about in their daily walk.

A quick look at some of our virtual routes.

We have over 290 routes to choose from, that go everywhere from London and Rome, to Route 66 and the Great Wall of China! Whether you're walking 10,000 steps a day or 1,000, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something on Big Team Challenge to suit you and your teams.

Just a few of our favourite steps challenge routes

South East Asia

South East Asia

Step Count
Distance (km)

Experience a wonderful fusion of old and new in this walk through Southeast Asia; one of the most fascinating and beautiful areas in the world.

Scotland's Munro Challenge

Scotland's Munro Challenge

Step Count
Distance (km)

Scotland's Munro Challenge: One of the most challenging and fulfilling activities in Scotland is ‘Munro-Bagging’ - climbing as many as possible of this beautiful country’s 282 mountains over 3,000 feet (914.4 metres). Why not take on your own ‘Munro Challenge’ and ‘bag’ some of Scotland’s best-known, best-loved and iconic Munros?



Step Count
Distance (km)

Bali: The ‘Land of the Gods’. This beautiful, tropical Indonesian island is one of the world’s most iconic travel destinations with visitors drawn by its stunning and varied landscape, unique culture and heritage. A Southeast Asian treasure waiting for you to explore.

Learn more

What type of organisation are you?

Every organisation works differently, so your fitness challenges should reflect that.
Big Team Challenge is a flexible system that allows you to tailor it to your needs, whether that is for an employee fitness challenge or a charity fundraiser.

Three members of staff working in an office

Corporate Challenge

An employee step challenge is a great way to motivate staff and increase employee wellbeing within your company
A visual representation of a community group

Charity Challenge

Big Team Challenge is an ideal opportunity to fundraise and engage with your audience as a charity
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Public Sector Challenge

Exercise challenges are a fun way to boost your staff activity or engage with your community group
What we offer

Step challenge features

We're always working on new ways to make our fitness challenges as engaging and fun to use. Here are just a few of the features that are included in all of our exercise challenges.

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Want to test out our walking challenge?

You can visit our demo challenge via the web or using our Challenge App for iPhone and Android.

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