Winter Walking Challenge

As the sun begins to disappear, now is a great time to start planning to keep your employees moving during those long winter months.

Celebrate this holiday season with a winter wonderland walk to Lapland or choose from one of our 280+ routes.


A virtual walk across Lapland

Our special winter walk through Lapland is the perfect route for a company step challenge this festive season.

Why not get all of your employees walking 7500 steps a day in teams of 5, to complete our virtual Lapland route over the course of 6 weeks.

Winter in Lapland

Winter in Lapland

Step Count






Route Description

Winter in Lapland: Looking for a challenge to finish the year off in style? Why not head north towards the Arctic Circle and snowy Lapland, the largest and northernmost region of Finland. Perfect for some winter fun.

Package Includes

  • 4-6 week challenge
  • 100 participants spaces to start with
  • Option to add more participants
  • Access to website and apps
  • Connect to Fitbit, Garmin, Apple or Android
(excluding tax)

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What is a virtual walking challenge?

Big Team Challenge's virtual walking challenges allow you to create your own private activity challenge for you and your employees or charity group to participate in and track their physical activity over a number of weeks.

Get active and motivate your team!

We've built this special route to Lapland, but we also have over 280 other routes from all around the world. If you'd rather feel warm during winter, you can walk with your team around the Caribbean islands or across sunny Australia. Your real-world steps will be mapped on to the virtual route, making sure everyone stays active and allowing you to explore somewhere exciting this winter!

How it works

  • There's no limit to the amount of participants
  • Get organised into teams of between 2 and 20 people
  • Teammates add their steps into the team's collective total
  • Teams track their progress against other teams on the leaderboard
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How do I organise a step challenge and what do the participants get?
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Team Walking Challenge App

An apple iphone and apple watch displaying the Big Team Challenge appstore apps

Our easy-to-use iPhone and Android apps are the simplest way to take part in the challenge. Download the app, sync your steps, and race to the top of the leaderboard!

  • Free access to both the website and mobile apps
  • Connect to Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Watch
  • Sync steps with Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Option to track steps manually if needed
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How your walking challenge works

The Big Team Challenge online system allows for complete control and flexibility when it comes to running an online walking challenge for your employees or community. It's available worldwide, regardless of location or timezone.

Big Team Challenge's virtual walk  creator displayed in a browser window.
For organisers

Create your own walking challenge

When you create your account you'll have access to our Challenge Admin area and Challenge Creator. This will give you the ability to build and launch as many challenges as you like and have access to all of your participants' information and reporting data.

The admin area allows you to:

  • Create, edit and manage your own challenges
  • View and download participant information
  • Add, edit and delete teams
  • and much more
For participants

Mobile apps, Fitbit & Garmin integration, website access, and lots more!

After launching your challenge, you will instantly have access to a landing page where your participants can sign up and access the challenge itself.

Participants have free access to the website and our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Participants can:

  • View their team's progress along virtual map
  • Create or join existing teams, and invite others
  • Track their daily step count and add it to their team total
  • Connect to Fitbit, Garmin Connect, Apple Health and Google Fit
  • View the leaderboard
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Would you prefer to walk somewhere else?

We have hundreds of walks from all around the world suiting challenges of different sizes and lengths, and all of them are free-to-use when you build your challenge. If you're wanting to walk somewhere specific to your organisation (perhaps between your office locations), we can also help you build a custom route for an additional fee.

Virtual Walking Routes

England: Coast to Coast

England: Coast to Coast

Step Count
Distance (km)

England - Coast to Coast: A wonderful walk, devised in 1972 by legendary British fellwalker, Alfred Wainwright MBE. One of the most popular long-distance footpaths in the United Kingdom. Dip your feet in the Irish Sea in the west and set off on your journey across England through three wonderful national parks to the shore of the North Sea in the east.

Scottish Highlights

Scottish Highlights

Step Count
Distance (km)

Welcome to Scotland - the home of the haggis, tartan and the midge!. Walk the length and breadth of this beautiful country sampling a few of its best loved and best known landmarks along the way.

Edinburgh to Paris

Edinburgh to Paris

Step Count
Distance (km)

Edinburgh to Paris: From the capital of Scotland to the capital of France. A lovely walk topped and tailed by two world-famous cities with a string of enticing milestones in between to explore along the way. You'll be enjoying a well-deserved croissant and coffee on the Champs-Élysées before you know it!

Looking for a custom route around your company locations?
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