Why Big Team Challenge is a perfect

MoveSpring alternative

MoveSpring is a fantastic system with a lot of robust features, but sometimes you just want to run a simple, affordable and fun step challenge to engage your workplace.

That's where big Team Challenge comes in.

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Trusted by small and large businesses around the globe

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read our customer review
read our customer review
read our customer review
read our customer review
read our customer review
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read our customer review
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read our customer review

Cost affective and free support

Due to Movepsring being aimed at large corporations with hundreds of employees, running a step challenge starts at $2000 and costs extra for many of their key features and support.

At Big Team Challenge we understand that most of our customers just want to run a standalone challenge and would like a helping hand throughout.

That's why all of our challenges come with customer support to help get you started and technical support to help your participants with any issues they might have during the challenge.

What you and your particpants can expect

Big Team Challenge allows you to create one-off step challenges for your workplace.
There's no yearly contracts, no extortionate hidden fees, and all of our challenges come with the same level of support.

Benefits for challenge organisers

Three employees working at their computers

Book a free call with us

Discuss with us your needs and we'll demonstrate how the system works and what options will be best for your

300+ routes to choose from

Or get in touch for a quote on a custom route

Complete control over your own challenge

Create your challenge, manage your users, send out invites and post updates all from the conveneince of your own private admin area.

Email and chat support

We will always be around to chat via email or our instant messenger (during office hours) to help you with any issues you might have

No hidden fees

Our only additional fees are if you want an additional custom route designed, custom reporting, or for us to manage your whole challenge.

What your participabnts can expect

A group of users all being active in different ways, such as walking the dog, going for a hike and running in the park.

Completely free for users

You pay for the challenge upfront, so your users don't have any payments to worry about.

Access to the website and iPhone and Android apps.

Users can create their account and login to the web version or mobile apps and sync their smart devices to the system

Free technical support

Our team will be happy to answer everyones technical support questions, so you don't have to.

Smart Syncing

Users can sync from their phone's built-in pedometer or from a smart watch such as Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch.

Create teams, invite friends, compete on leaderboards and earn achievements

Our system is built Or get in touch for a quote on a custom route

Low cost and high return on investment

With low per-participants costs and a flexible pricing structure, Big Team Challenge is the ideal choice for small, medium and large businesses in the UK, US,  and around the world.

With an easy-to-use online system, friendly apps, flexibility for users of different mobility or physical ability, and a english speaking user support team, Big Team Challenge is a perfect way to boost your company wellness initiative.  

Want to have a chat about how the system works and see a demo?
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Big Team Challenge Pricing

Use our instant quote calculator to find out the cost of your own private step challenge.

How long will your challenge last?

Up to 6 weeks
Up to 12 weeks

How many participants do you expect?

team challenge billing receipt
Base Fee
Our challenge pricing includes 100 users as standard. If you don't think you'll go over this limit, this is all you will need to pay.
Base fee
First 100 users
Estimated Total
(excluding tax)
Estimated Total
Base fee
First 100 users
50 additional users
Estimated Total
(excluding tax)
$1700 USD
Find out what you get
1000+ Users?
We have additional services and discounts for larger challenges. Please get in touch for a personalised quote and demonstration.

What you get

  • Duration Limit
  • Participants included in
    base fee
  • Additional participants
  • Challenges
  • Routes
  • Mobile Apps
  • Integration with Fitbit,
    Garmin, etc
  • Admin and Basic
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Custom Route
  • Advanced Reporting

Your Challenge Plan

Run a challenge up to 42 days long
up to 6 weeks
First 100 Participants inlcuded in the plan
£4.40 per additional participant
£4 / Participant
1 Challenge Inlcuded
300+ virtual routes to choose from
300+ to choose from
Mobile apps included
Integration with Fitbit, Garmin, +more
Your own admin area with access to user data
Email and Chat support
Custom routes available for an additional fee
Additional Fee
Advanced Reporting available for an additional fee
Contact Us
Upfront Base Fee
Charge At End Of Challenge
£4.40 per user above 100
Estimated total
Excluding Tax
Charity and Public Sector Discounts Available
Got any questions about the system or the quote you've received?
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Advanced Extras

Big Team Challenge is built so that you can run everything yourself and not expect any surprises when it comes to your bill.

However we do offer additional manual services to help maintain, manage or enhance your challenge.

Challenge Management

If you would prefer to hand over management of your challenge to one of our team members, we would be happy to cover everything from start to finish.

Tier 1

  • Set up the challenge on your behalf
  • Provide an introductory document/wording which you can distribute to your participants
  • We’ll build your teams for you and invite your users (200 participants max)

From £250

Tier 2 (in addition to tier 1)

  • Weekly email updates to your participants detailing challenge progress
  • Access to detailed challenge reporting (view example)

From £400

Tier 3 (in addition to tier 2)

  • Weekly 30 min catch-up call with one of our team
  • Weekly & end-of-challenge prize allocation based on your specifications
  • Custom reporting during and at the end of the challenge as required

From £1000

Custom Reporting

Do you need more than our standard reporting? Choose our advanced reporting for a much more in-depth look at your participants and their activity.

From £100

Custom Route

We can create an entirely custom route for your organisation, with milestones, descriptions and images all chosen by you. So why not build a route related to your own journey.

From £150

Want to add advanced options to your plan?
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Are you looking to change from Movespring?

We're here to help discuss your challenge needs and talk over the switch from MoveSpring to Big Team Challenge

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