Round The Equator!

If you've ever wanted to run your own walking challenge around the world, our Round the Equator walking route will be the perfect one for you!

With tropical rainforests and exotic islands to explore on your journey, why not walk virtually around the hottest and most diverse areas on Earth?

Step 1 - Choosing a...

Walking Challenge

We offer two types of walking challenges to choose from. Each use our virtual routes and have all of your participants getting into teams to boost motivation.

The Round The Equator virtual route is a rather long one, at an impressive 40,075 km (24,901 miles), therefore it's probably best to use our One Big Challenge mode.

Two teams facing off against each other

Team Vs. Team

All of your participants get into teams of between 2 and 10 users and compete against each other to complete the same step challenge route.

• Choose the team size limit
• Choose from over 240 routes
Three teams looking at a map that they are all contributing towards

One Big Challenge

All of your participants get into teams, but instead of competing against each other, you all contribute to moving everyone across the same virtual map.
• Choose the team size limit
• Choose from over 240 routes
Step 2 - Choosing your...

Virtual Walk

Our Round the Equator route is a fun way of inspiring your team to get active, but we also have a library of over 290 existing walking routes all over the world, so why not check those out too?

Our 'Round the Equator' Challenge

Our 'Round the Equator' Challenge

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Route Description

Our 'Round the Equator' Challenge: Ever fancied walking right round the world? Well now you can! Travel 40,075 kilometres across continents and the great oceans of the world visiting exotic islands along the way on our awesome circumnavigation of the globe.

Step Challenge Apps and Fitbit

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Connect with Fitbit, Apple watch, google Fit and Garmin

  • Free access to both the website and mobile apps
  • Connect to Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Watch
  • Sync steps from Apple Health, Google Fit and more
  • Option to track steps manually if needed
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