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Build you own custom route to make your step challenge more personal

Get in touch with us today to talk to us about building your own custom route with your own milestones, images and text.

Use your route to engage your users about your company history, charitable cause or highlight the incredible work of your teams.

Get your teams moving!

Wanting to run your own virtual walking challenges?

Hopefully some of the exciting routes we have on offer have enticed you enough to want to create your own exercise challenge.

The first step should be to work out how many participants you are likely to get involved and head over to our pricing page to check out what sort of budget you should set yourself. Once you've got your instant quote you can immediately sign up to create your Challenge Creator account for free. You will only be required to pay for your step challenge once you have set everything up and are ready to go live and showcase it to the world!

Our extensive FAQ section may help answer some questions you might have about features, the admin area, how participants track steps and other commonly asked questions.

And of course, if you have any questions at all you should never hesitate to get in touch.

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Sometimes it's just a little easier to have a human talk you through pricing and all the ways you can customise your own step challenge.

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