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"We surprised ourselves by the distance we were able to cover together!"
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Orchardhill used Big Team Challenge to bring their community together during lockdown and help fundraise for the church

What They Said about their steps challenge

One response to the easing of lock down restrictions in July 2020 which we were able to make as a church congregation was to offer a virtual pilgrimage to members. Big Team Challenge worked closely with us and gave helpful advice regarding both the length of the route and specific locations we might pass through. This enabled us to develop a bespoke experience for over seventy people which incorporated insights from the places we visited, which allowed us to make meaning from the increasing possibilities for exercise as restrictions eased, and enhanced a sense of friendship among those who took part.

The flexible website was easy for people to use and allowed us to include information on specific points on the way. The way the system recorded and calculated distance travelled as a group in real time was a great encouragement to us. We surprised ourselves by the distance we were able to cover together! The regular updates from Big Team Challenge kept participants interested and enthusiastic, and we were able to build on this positive platform by sharing our own stories.

I am not certain that the infrastructure anticipated it would be used for pilgrimage, but the Big Team Challenge approach certainly enabled us to do so. It allowed us to achieve something we would not have anticipated was possible when getting out and about was more difficult. I would be happy to explore further possibilities for reflective walks which the Big Team Challenge system could make possible. I'm in no doubt it would enrich such a project.

Grant Barclay, Orchardhill Parish Church

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