How to create your own online step challenge

Follow these 3 simple steps below to learn more about our online step challenge system and how it can benefit not only your employees but your business as a whole.
3 easy steps of Big Team Challenge

Watch our intro video

It's only 2 minutes long and will give you a brief overview of the whole system.

Big Team Challenge allows you to create your own private online walking and exercise challenges for you and your employees. Learn more in the video above.

Free Sign up

It's free to create your own Big Team Challenge account. So why not do it today and explore our challenge creator. You will only ever be asked to pay when you are ready and want to publish your challenge.


Creating a challenge

Learn how to create your own step challenge in as little as 5 minutes!

When you sign up for a Big Team Challenge account, you will get instant access to your own admin area and challenge creator. This will give you the ability to create your very own steps challenge in a matter of minutes.

Useful Links

We have a number of resources online to help you create and run your challenge.

Help Section - Full of useful answers to common questions
Activity Conversion Chart - Convert numerous activities to steps
Virtual routes - View all of our 200+ virtual routes
How your users join a challenge - Learn how your users can join your challenge


Managing your challenge and participants

Use your own private admin area to keep track of your challenge, manage your participants and engage your audience.

From your private admin area you are able to view all of your participants and invite new users to join. You can also manage teams, send out communications and view the challenge progress.

Watch the video above to learn more.

Helpful How-tos and Case Studies