Employee Wellbeing Walking Challenge

Creating an employee wellbeing program within your organisation can help motivate your team members and begin a positive culture of self care.

A step count challenge can be a great way to engage with your team, promote the mental health benefits of daily exercise and use some friendly competition to motivate.
Two future Big Team Challenge users stroll and ride a bike through some woods while participating in a step count challenge.

Sync with our step count apps

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Fitbit, Apple watch, google Fit and more

  • Free access to both the website and mobile apps
  • Connect to Fitbit and Apple Watch
  • Sync steps with Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Option to track steps manually if needed
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Want to test out our walking challenge?

You can visit our demo challenge via the web or using our Challenge App for iPhone and Android.

step challenge website address: demo.bigteamchallenge.com

Password: password

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Creating a step count challenge

Employee wellbeing can include many things, not least of all your employees safety and mental health.
A great way to start looking after these is to begin creating a positive change within your organisation and to look at the benefits of physical health.

Government studies have shown that regular daily exercise is not only great for your body, but that it can help calm the mind and reduce stress. Our step count challenge helps create a fun and motivational way for employees to begin their journey.

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For organisers

Launching your step count challenge

We've made our system as easy and seamless as possible, to help you get up and running quickly. Simply head over to our pricing page to get an idea of costs and to sign up for free access to your own private admin area. You'll only need to pay when you're ready to launch your exercise challenges.

You will have access to:

  • Create, edit and manage your own challenges
  • View and download participant information
  • Add, edit and delete teams
  • and much more
Want to know how easy it is to set up your own virtual walking challenge?
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For participants

Website, apps and activity trackers!

When you launch your exercise challenges, you will have instant access to a landing page where your participants can sign up and access the challenge itself.

Participants have free access to the website and Apple and Google mobile apps.

Participants can:

  • Create or join existing teams, and invite others
  • Connect to Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Track steps manually if required
  • View the Leaderboard
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See what your users can expect from the challenge
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Customer Reviews

HG Capital

HG Capital

46 Participants
16 Million
Steps Walked

"Big Team Challenge have been fantastic for our company step challenge."

Wood For Trees

Wood For Trees

24 Participants
6.8 Million
Steps Walked

"The set up and app was very easy and had people checking in regularly to see where we were"

esure Group

esure Group

360 active participants
112 million
steps walked together.

"We would happily recommend Big Team Challenge – it was great to partner with them!"

£2.83 Per Participant

On average it costs our business customers £2.83 per participant (based on challenges run in 2019). And that's before they've factored in the savings it's made to health benefits, reduced employee sick cover, and productivity.

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