We've walked an incredible...

...8 billion steps together!

8,112,297,946 steps (if you like to be precise) achieved over countless step count challenges.

The Team Challenge Participants

Of course none of this would have been possible without our wonderful customers and their incredible and motivated employees, friends, family and communities!

A group of 4 friends or colleagues

45,773 Participants

Over the course of 5 years we've had over 45,000 participants register for one of our customer's step count challenges.
Fun Fact
In the past 3 months* we've had an average of 101 users register every day!
Three teams looking at a map that they are all contributing towards

3,116 Teams

Over our two team challenge modes we've had over 3,100 teams compete, motivate and encourage each other to move more and exercise further!
Fun fact
Our average team size is 5,
the same as a basketball team.
A yellow mascot in the shape of a map marker

10,704,441 steps each day

Using our apps and syncing with other activity trackers, users have on average tallied up an amazing 10 million steps every single day in the past 3 months*.
Fun fact
That's further than the distance between London and New york!
*dec-feb 2021
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Team Challenge Apps

Our system supports users no matter what device they use or where they are in the world.

Below are some of our more interesting techy stats!

a man walking using the big team challenge iphone app

69% of users use Our Apple app or android app

  • 65% of these are iPhone users
  • 35% of these are Android users
  • Both sets of users synced steps with Apple Health and Google Fit

37% of all users sync using a smart device

  • 58% of these are Fitbit users
  • The rest synced steps with Apple Health (35%) and Google Fit (11%)
An apple iphone and apple watch displaying the Big Team Challenge appstore apps
An example of a user's dashbaord on the website

51% of users logged Distance Via The web version

  • You can add your distance manually via the web if you're not syncing via an activity tracker.
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Virtual walking challenge

One of the nice things about a virtual walking challenge is that you can escape to somewhere warmer. A lot warmer! And less rainy...

Here are some of our most popular virtual challenge destinations.



Yorkshire: The beautiful, historic county in northern England known for its Roman and Viking heritage and packed with Norman castles, medieval abbeys and two national parks. A terrific area to explore. Enjoy.

Wonders of Ancient Egypt


Some 5000 years ago the ancient Egyptians created an extraordinary civilisation which has inspired imaginations for centuries. Come visit the land of the Pharaohs and marvel at their feats of human endeavour.

Walk the Med


Walk the Med: The Mediterranean Sea. The most famous sea in the world. A sea that has witnessed the emergence of great and ancient civilisations, facilitated trade and feed millions over thousands of years.

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