Joining Your Step Challenge

Learn how to join a challenge, set up your team, invite others and get connected to your Fitbit, Garmin and other smart devices.
3 easy steps of Big Team Challenge

Joining Your Team Challenge

Papertank Limited

2022 Walking Challenge

Your challenge website address

Getting signed up and into your team

You can participate online or via our smart phone apps.

Go to your challenge website

Visit the challenge website address above, or open up the Big Team Challenge iOS/Android app and enter the address when asked on the first screen.

From here you will be able to register your account or sign in with your existing one.

If you've been invited to the challenge via an e-mail invite, make sure you register with the same address that you were sent the invite to.


Joining a team
You can search for existing teams that you would like to join by typing their name into the box on this page.

Creating a team
You can create your own team and invite your friends and colleagues to join by sending invites to their email addresses.
When you login to your challenge for the first time after registering, the system will ask if you would like to join or create a team

Adding your activity

Syncing your activity
Syncing your steps is the simplest way to add your daily activity to the challenge. You can sync your steps from Fitbit, Garmin Connect, Apple Health on iOS and Google Fit on Android.

Adding your distance manually
You can manually add your activity via the challenge website and our challenge app by using the "Add Activity" option on your dashboard.

iPhone and Android Apps

Download our fun and easy to use challenge app from both the iPhone and Android app stores!

Apple App Store Badge
Google Play appstone badge


Get some extra help!

Read our help articles

We have an entire library of answers and resources online for new users to help guide you through your first Big Team Challenge. You can read all of our articles here.

Watch our video tutorials

We've got extra video tutorials to guide you through the system. You can find them here.

Convert different activity types

Are you doing yoga instead of walking? Playing tennis instead of running? You can use our activity converter to calculate a rough estimate of how many steps you've done during your activity. You can then add those steps to your challenge manually.



Rewarding those who participate

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