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The moon

Papertank step count challenge

Around the world and back!

1 billion steps to get us around the world 20 times!
So we're going to need a lot of help here, which is why we've invited all of our friends, family and customers to join us.

Altogether we have over 500 people participating in our mission to circle the earth 20 times, and we're going to be keeping track of everyones progress throughout the entire 12 weeks, using Big Team Challenge as our activity tracker.

Raising money for charity

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Our Progress

567,458,145 Steps
a man walking using the big team challenge iphone app

512 Participants

We have over 500 participants split over 128 teams. The average age of each participant is currently 38.5 years.
Fun fact
This was the age Neil Amstrong was when he flew to the moon.
Three teams looking at a map that they are all contributing towards

56% of the way there

We've currently travelled over 380,000km, which means we've hit the moon and are on our return journey home!
Fun fact
It took Apollo 11 seventy six hours to reach the moon... it'll probably take us a little longer.
A yellow mascot in the shape of a map marker

12,078 steps each, per day

We've all been walking, running and cycling our way to success and have averaged an incredible 12,078 steps each per day.
Fun fact
With a gravity of less than a 6th of that of earth, you could take a mighty long step on the moon.