Build an online step count challenge

Get your teams connected and engaged in an interactive activity tracker challenge.

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Two Challenge Modes

Choose how your teams compete between two simple modes.

Two teams facing off against each other

Team Vs Team

Each Team in your challenge is competing against one another to complete the same virtual route.

Three teams looking at a map that they are all contributing towards

One Big Challenge

Everyone is still in teams, but each team is contributing to getting everyone to the end of the same virtual route.

Controlling Your Challenge

graphs and charts

User management, route selection and much more

  • Create, edit and manage your own challenges
  • Full access to user profiles
  • Add, edit or delete teams
  • Send out communications to users
  • Access to user and participation reports
  • Control your billing account

Get your users connected and moving!

Fitbit, Apple watch, google Fit and more

  • Free access to both the website and mobile apps
  • Connect to Fitbit and Apple Watches
  • Choose to secure it with a passcode if required

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