Getting Your Community Active

Having a more active workplace or community can have so many more benefits beyond the obvious health impacts. At Big Team Challenge our goal is to change your participants' entire mindset about keeping active and improving their quality of life.
Eligible for a public sector 40% discount
people are excited after a notification on their mobile device has informed them of their progress on a virtual walking challenge
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A private challenge for you and your community

Because every community is unique, with different target age groups, cultures and activity levels, we've kept our system as customisable as possible to help you achieve your goals.

A Big Team Challenge displayed on both a website and mobile app

Your Private Challenge

  • Your own personal website, eg.
  • Upload your own branding
  • Access to both the website and mobile apps
  • Choose to secure it with a passcode if required
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  • From over 150 pre-made route
  • When your challenge starts and finishes
  • The maximum number of participants
  • What activities the participants can do (walking, running, swimming and cycling)
An island with a map lines and milestones on it
3 reports detailing statistics on distances and participants

Built-in Communication and Participants Reports

  • Email all your participants from our admin system - so there's no need to keep exporting emails!
  • Send system messages (each user gets their own "inbox" within the challenge)
  • Automated weekly reports
  • Custom reporting can be requested, just let us know what you need.

Try Our Demo

Sometimes it's just better to see things with your own eyes! That's why we've created a little demo challenge for customers to try.

It replicates a challenge already in progress, so you'll be engaging in the same way your own participants will be when you launch yours.

Click the button below for login information.

What can your participants expect from the challenge?

After all, this only works if your community is truly motivated by the challenge and can easily engage with it. We've spent 4 years developing this system so it works as seamlessly as possible.

After you initially tell your participants about the challenge and where to sign up, you can sit back and watch the rest unfold.

1. Easy Sign Up

Using the app, or your newly-set up challenge website, participants can sign up using only their email, name and whatever password they choose.

2. Creating Teams

Once they are on the system, your employees can create teams and invite other users to join.

3. Logging Activity

Once in a team, users can log their activity via the website and apps or they can sync their smart devices such as Fitbit and Google Fit and Apple Health.

That's it, that's all that's required of them. Three simple steps and they can be up and moving in a few minutes!
a man walking using the big team challenge iphone app

You have participants in various regions or distinct groups?

Introducing "Segements"!
Now you can have multiple leaderboards for different areas of your community. Here's some examples of how it might work for you...

Three leaderboards, one for Glasgow branches, one for New York branches and one global leaderboard for the entire company
You want to split your teams by town or region

Each team can be assigned to a specific region. They'll see a leaderboard with the other teams in their region as well as the global leaderboard.

two leaderboards, one for Sales and one for Management
You want to split leaderboards between health staff, council workers and private businesses

Promote friendly competition between participants in the same sector by grouping them into separate leaderboards.

Users separated into groups of 2,3 and 4
You want to run a challenge for schools and for each to have their own leaderboard

Teams from each school can compete against each other, allowing you to award prizes to the top teams from each school.

Got a question about segments?

Get in touch to find out how we can make it work best for you

Read how our customers have used
Big Team Challenge

Maggie's Cancer Care

229 Participants

75 Million Steps Together

"With the help of BTC were able to transform one of our flagship physical events into a virtual one, raising more than what we normally do."

NELFT - NHS Foundation Trust

473 Participants

158 Million Steps Together

The customer service was fantastic and really helpful when needed

Orchardhill Parish Church

57 Participants
18 Million Steps Walked

"We surprised ourselves by the distance we were able to cover together!"

£2.83 Per Participant

On average it costs our business customers £2.83 per participant (based on challenges run in 2019). And that's before they've factored in the savings it's made to health benefits, reduced employee sick cover, and productivity.

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All of our features

We're constantly upgrading our system and adding new features

Your Own Branding

Add your logo to the website and app to help increase brand visibility.

Website and Apps

Easy access for all your participants using our web, iOS and Android versions of your challenge.

Fitbit and pedometer syncing

Users can auto-sync their Fitbit devices or use their smartphone's built-in pedometer to track their steps.

Custom Registration Questions

Capture extra information from your registrants, such as payroll number or branch location.

Challenge Customisation

Choose how long it lasts, how many can join, what activities are allowed, what route teams walk, and more.

Built in communication

Send messages to participants at any time via email and push notifications from your private admin page.

iPhone and Android Apps

Native apps for iPhone and Android give users a fun and easy way to interact with the challenge.

User Invites

Team leaders can invite users to join the system and automatically invite them into their team too.

Weekly Reports

From your private admin page you will be able to download weekly reports with valuable user data.

Passcode Locking

Choose to lock your challenge so that only users with a passcode can register.

Leaderboard Segments

Split your leaderboard into different segments for different departments, branches, etc.

GPS Tracking

Built in GPS tracking within the smartphone apps allows users to record distance.

Get in touch

Sometimes it's just a little easier to have a human talk you through pricing and all the ways you can customise a challenge.

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