A user tracking their distance using the GPS tracker feature

GPS Tracking

Built-in GPS tracking within the smartphone apps allows users to track their step count.

Tracking Step Counts

We have tried to build Big Team Challenge to be as inclusive as possible and support as many devices as we can. This continues to be our goal as we add new integrations all the time. Our latest additions have seen Garmin watches and Google Fit devices added to our list.

To learn more about connecting smart devices, click here.

What if a user has as smart phone but no pedometer device?

As a fallback for situations such as this we have the option for app users to use our "GPS Tracker". Walkers can turn this on and off at the beginning and end of a walk and the app will calculate their step count. This should be used for outdoor walks only and shouldn't be left on continuously as it will drain the phone's battery and produce inaccurate results while indoors1

Track Steps

Use GPS to track your daily walks.

No need for a pedometer

For those without a Fitbit, Garmin or other device.

Related FAQs

Can our participants sync their activity trackers with Big Team Challenge ?

Big Team Challenge comes complete with native mobile apps for iOS and Android, including push notifications on events and GPS tracking of activity. 

Participants can also sync their step counts from the built-in iPhone pedometer, Google Fit for Android, Fitbit and Garmin.

How do I track my steps and do I need to use a pedometer?

We recommend using a wearable pedometer or another step counter app to keep track of your daily step total. If you don’t have a pedometer then you can still participate fully, manually entering your steps on our website.

Your options for tracking your steps are:

Option 1: Manually

Use any app, pedometer or wearable and manually enter the distance

At the end of each day, just login to Big Team Challenge and type in your tracked activity in steps, miles, kilometers on the Dashboard page.

You can also manually enter these distances on our iOS and Android app.

Option 2: Apple HealthKit (iOS only)

Download the Big Team Challenge iOS app and sync with iPhone 5s+

If you have an iPhone 5s or newer, you can enable Apple HealthKit in the app settings once logged in.

Simply go to Settings > "HealthKit Sync"

With this option enabled, the app will try to sync your new steps automatically throughout the day as well as each time you open the app - there's no need to manually add distances, except those where you didn't have your iPhone on you.

Option 3: Google Fit (Android only)

Download the Big Team Challenge Android app and sync with Google Fit

If you use Google Fit on your Android device, you can choose enable Google Fit integration in the app settings once logged in.

Simply go to Settings > "Connect to Google Fit"

With this option enabled, each time you open the app your tracked steps will be automatically logged to your account and team - there's no need to manually add distances, except those where you didn't have your Android device on you.

Option 4: Fitbit

Connect your Fitbit account to Big Team Challenge to sync your steps in real-time

If you have a Fitbit device, you can connect your Big Team Challenge account to your Fitbit account. To do this:

On the website: visit Settings > Connected Apps and click on the "Connect" button next to Fitbit

On the apps: open Settings > Connect Fitbit

Once connected, your Fitbit steps will sync automatically in the background (each time your Fitbit syncs via Bluetooth with your mobile).

Option 5: GPS (Outdoor only)

Download the Big Team Challenge iOS or Android device and use our GPS tracker to accurately track your outdoor walk or run.

Our mobile apps have a built-in GPS tracker to track your walk or run. This works best outdoors, so it's great for tracking those walks through the park or along the esplanade.


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