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Our easy to use mobile app helps your users stay engaged, motivated and having fun throughout the challenge. Keep track of their progress via your private admin area and even send out communications via the app.

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Learn how our step challenges can help your employees get engaged and motivated

We're always trying to improve our step challenge apps with new features and ways to engage with your workforce. If there's a feature you'd like to know more about or would like to arrange a call with one of our team, please get in touch.

Got remote workers or offices around the world?

Available worldwide

Our iPhone and Android apps as well as our web version allow users to connect to the challenge from all over the world and compete against the other teams on your challenge. Use your step competition to engage in some friendly and competitive team building, all while getting healthier!

Our virtual walking maps displayed on our iPhone app

Convert walking, running, and other activities to move along a virtual map

Our system allows your users to use their daily step count, such as walking around the neighbourhood or going for a jog in the park, into movement along one of our 300+ virtual maps.

Your participants sign up online to your private challenge, track their activity using their smartphone or pedometer, and get themselves walking through the hills of Italy, over the beaches of the Caribbean or along the Great Wall of China itself!

You are in complete control of your company challenge and can customise it to just how you need it. It's a great way to motivate your workforce, friends and family to be more active.

Customer Reviews

We've been hard at work since 2015, serving over 92,000 challenge participants. Here's what some of the organisers had to say about their own company challenges.


9000+ Participants

3.8 Billion steps

The challenge was a huge success with over 7,000 active participants

Dumfries and Galloway NHS and Council

3145 Participants
County wide challenge

"Dealing with 3145 individual participants spread over 100 square miles was surprisingly easy..."

Smurfit Kappa

584 Participants
221 Million
Steps Walked

Looking to make physical activity a little more fun?

Team building and friendly competition

While exercise and wellbeing programs are an important part of any organisation, they can often forget to include an element of fun in them!
Creating a step challenge is an easy and engaging way to get your teams working together and motivating themselves.

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Create teams and invite others

Your participants can create their own teams, invite their colleagues and start working together to boost each other's daily activity.

Note: If you want, you can lock teams so that only you, as the admin, can create them.

Elements of our step challenges such as virtual routes, step tracking and awards.

Travel along a virtual map

Each team can keep track of their progress along one of our 300+ fun and interactive virtual maps. Or alternatively you can set up the challenge so that all teams are walking along a much bigger route together.


Leaderboards and achievments

Teams can keep track of the their friend's teams or rivals in the challenge by viewing the leaderboard and see who's racing ahead. Users can also earn personal and and team achievements along the way.

Big Team Challenge app displayed on a laptop, smart phone and smart watch pedometer
Register users online and get instant access to your step challengeUsers get their own personal step challenge profile and dashboardTeams can view their progress and team mates step count. Your own admin area the challenge overview

Easy sign up via the website and apps

Full access to the web and mobile app versions

Sync your steps with smart devices

Track your daily steps with Fitbit, Garmin, iPhone or Android

Manually add distances

For those without a smart pedometer

300+ walking routes to choose from

Or get in touch for a quote on a custom route

Free support

We're here to help set up your challenge
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Travel the world with one of our 300+ virtual walks

Swap the car for a bus, start walking to and from the shops, and put on those long forgotten running shoes.

Users can convert their real-world activities into a virtual equivalent and move themselves and their teammates along a map around the world.

Big Team Challenge has over 300 virtual routes to choose from when building your own challenge, allowing you and your participants to all explore somewhere new, see some beautiful photography and read some interesting facts.

Popular Virtual Routes

Great Wall of China (East)

Great Wall of China (East)

Step Count
Distance (km)

Great Wall of China (East): For very obvious reasons, the magnificent Great Wall of China was one the first walks we ever featured on World Walking. Just in case you’ve thought that you’d love to walk it but it was a bit too long for you, here’s a shortened version we’ve created specially for you. Now we hope lots more people will to be able to tell their families and friends that they have walked along the Great Wall.



Step Count
Distance (km)

Hokkaido: Walk the length of Japan’s northernmost island and coldest region. Warm summers and icy cold winters with lots of snow. Famous for its open spaces and unspoiled landscapes; rugged mountains, hot springs, national parks, ice sculptures and beautiful cherry blossom trees.

London to Rome

London to Rome

Step Count
Distance (km)

London to Rome: A European treasure trove of milestones packed with thousands of years of history and culture in some of the most best known and best loved destinations in the world.

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A staff member receives an update on their phone

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