This month's step challenge is...

A winter walk around Lapland!

We're running an entirely free step challenge this winter to raise money for Maggie's - a charity providing free cancer support and information in centres across the UK and online.

Step challenges are a great way to stay active over the winter months. Simply create a team of friends and family, enter your everyday activities and convert them into distance along our virtual journey through Lapland.

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The details

Some more information on what we're doing and where we're going (virtually)!

We're running a free virtual walking challenge that allows you transfer your real world activity to move you and your team along a virtual map through Lapland.

You can have up to 5 people in a team, so why not invite your family, friends or colleagues to join you on the walk. Compete with other teams or enjoy the route yourselves.

Use our website or download our iPhone and Android apps to stay connected and track your steps.

Connect to Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health or Google Fit.

Fundraising for Maggie's

Maggie's are a great charity and we're happy to support them this year.
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This year we are fundraising for the cancer support charity Maggie's. Donations are not required to participate but would be very much welcomed.

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Let's learn how to sign up, create teams and get connected!


Get registered!

You can register online or via our Big Team Challenge app.

Head over to the challenge website address at:

You can register on the right hand side of the challenge landing page and get instant access to your challenge.

If you are registering via the app, simply type in "bigteamwalk" when it asks for your challenge website address as the rest will be prefilled.

iPhone and Android Apps

Download our fun and easy to use challenge app from both the iPhone and Android app stores!

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Join or create a team

Create or join a team with your friends and colleagues to take part in the challenge.

Joining a team
You can search for existing teams that you would like to join by typing their name into the box on this page.

Creating a team
You can create your own team and invite your friends and colleagues to join by sending invites to their email addresses.
‍When you login to your challenge for the first time after registering, the system will ask if you would like to join or create a team.


Track your steps

Choose to sync your steps automatically or manually enter your daily activity.

Syncing your steps is the simplest way to add your daily activity to the challenge. You can sync your steps from Fitbit, Garmin Connect, Apple Health on iOS and Google Fit on Android.

Alternatively, you can manually add your activity via the challenge website and our challenge app.

Additional Resources

Further reading to help you navigate your step challenge.

We have an entire library of answers and resources online for new users to help guide you through your first Big Team Challenge.

Please visit the link below
Help Section

Let's see how everyone is doing so far!

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